Today’s Discussion: The Lost Art of Leading Oneself

The Lost Art of Leading Oneself

More often than not people seem to go about their daily life without realizing they, themselves are leaders. The aimless direction of just being in the moment but not looking any further. What is really interesting is the lost art of leading oneself. Leadership in one’s life. The capabilities harnessed within each individual. How often it is forgotten that we are our own leaders.

Direction can be lost, poor decisions may be made but when it boils down to the bottom of the pot, you can lead yourself to happiness and success. I feel as if it is often forgotten that you must walk yourself through the value at times. When there is no hand to reach up to and grab, yours is still there to hold. The confidence to know harm will be avoided when attention is paid.

“Even though I walk through the darkest valley, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.” – Psalms 23:4

The Lost Art of Leading Oneself

The Art Of Leading Oneself

There is always a hand to hold in the darkest times. You may lead yourself out of the shadows and onto the platform of light. When you look up there is no way you are not a leader. Leading oneself towards the greater good of your own being. Having the ability to critique when need be and congratulate when it seems fit. There is no reason you should not be taking your own life seriously.

Each task that we are presented with on a daily basis puts us up against challenges. The only way to conquer them is to be an excellent leader to yourself. Without the proper guidance from within how can you even expect to lead others into success. Without the token of appreciation to what you have there is nothing left.

Just knowing that you can and will make it is enough to call yourself a leader. Being able to wake up everyday with the right mindset sets you up to become the person you are destined to be. Having the ability to create positive circumstances out of negative situations is a possession that must never be let go of. We have something that no other creature on this planet has.

We have the ability to think for ourselves because that is who has the best interest in our being. Us.

Question For The Day

What skill set does it take to lead yourself successfully? Can you take those abilities and use them in the real world?

Have a great day and always remember, you are successful no matter how you feel. When you gain the ability to see that you are a natural born leader you may begin to lead yourself towards things you’ve never thought attainable. There is so much out in the world because we have the sense to pick up on it. Everything around you can be used as an opportunity.

Take your ship by the sails and lead it to where you want to go. You deserve it!


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Written By: Will

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