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“Each day the apprentice had gone outside to conquer the challenges of daily life. When it boiled down to it, the novice had very little understanding on what they were actually getting into. “A warrior is not built from silk” his Mentor say’s.

Silk eventually tears and rips from the seams becoming unable to use. The shelf life is only a couple of months and then a new product must be produced.

“As a warrior, you must continue to beat yourself to the breaking point.” The Guru whispers,” Then rest for a moment. Get back up and fight!”

Think about it, iron on an anvil. Being beaten and battered only to create the strongest swords. The Neophyte laughed nervously at the thought. He even knew, the Vikings were known for not only their tough character but for the swords in which they carried. They were the worlds sharpest at the time.

Slowly but surely he began to understand the meaning of what his Teacher was speaking. A warrior is not built from silk but the worlds strongest iron.

A Warrior Is Not Built From Silk

A Warrior Is Not Built From Silk

Over time we realize that life will hand you lemons so that you can make lemonade. Other times hot coal is passed over without the slightest indication. Will you hold on to the coal and fight through the fire? If there are things you want to accomplish in life then you must be willing to stand up and fight until you are battered.

Yes, you will get tired and even mentally exhausted. That means you must rest and get back up! We all need to take a break from time to time. This is at no point an indication that you must quit and give up. If there is something obtainable but seems out of reach that is what the heart is there for.

We must have a sound mind and heart at times to conquer things in which we perceive to be out of reach. Not only will the hard route get you what you desire but it can also teach you lessons for life. Mold your armor so that it may never be penetrated. Beat your swords to get the sharpest point. Link your chain mail as to be weighed down in battle. Ground yourself with your boots to become unmovable.

No one said life was easy, even in the words of God. In every scripture available to man, struggle is a part of each story.

Question For The Day

What are you made of? Are you able to get back up and try again even after being beaten down and battered?

Take your confidence today and use it to the best of your ability. Everything we go through in life is a moment to learn. Of course we wear silk underneath our armor but that is to comfort from the rash iron in which we protect ourselves with.

Attempting to be the best version of yourself even after you have been handed circumstances that are less than what you deserve. Continue forward and be a warrior! Fight a fight worth fighting and continue down the path to success. Never give up and for you that are listening, you can and will do it.

Forge your name into the stone of time as to never be forgotten but remembered among the strongest.


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