Who is Team Tangible?

Who is Team Tangible? Let’s dig in and find out!

Meet Will our Founder

Who Is Team Tangible

“All rivers lead to the same ocean, just do not swim up stream.”

The vision of who Team Tangible is, starts here. Inspiration, motivation and all of the components of life have been a wonder to Will since he could remember. A heart bigger than he can handle was once a down fall, before he discovered his ability to help others was a blessing. Understanding that through connection and writing the world can become a smaller place. Giving back to those around him has been a goal that has been taken seriously the past few years. He does Business Development during his day’s and works on himself in his free time. His favorite motto? “Life is what you make it, choose to be who you want to be.” His main focus? To make motivation a personal experience.

Meet Chris our Content Creator

Chris's Confiedence

“As serious as you want to take it, is as far as you’re going to make it.”

Since a young age, Chris has had the forward thinking mind of an old soul. Having the vision and wisdom of a philosopher growing up was somewhat of a struggle, due to the constant drive for more. Going to school to become a carpenter, these days Chris now uses his intense leadership skills in the kitchen, as a Head Chef. Hi favorite motto? “Retrain the mind, the power of the brain out lives the body.” Confidence is key, and Chris can bring that to the table, ten out of ten times. His main pride? The success in everyday challenges we all have and conquering them.

Meet Shannon Our Content Creator

Shannon's Sanity

“Life is a series of transactions in which you must calculate your return on the investment.”

Shannon didn’t have the easiest life growing up and now that she is older, most things have gotten better. She had to face many new trials in life experiencing growth along the way. Shannon has always believed that there were a reason for everything. The older she has gotten the more time she had to see how much her experiences could potentially help people. While being a very logical thinker she does her best to look at every situation objectively and not let her emotions cloud any form of judgement. Therefore she understands that no situation is the same, no person or their experience is the same and that everyone deserves a chance to be heard.

That’s what started her adventure with Team Tangible being able to talk about the hard things we face every day but sometimes don’t feel like what we have to say matters. Not to mention sometimes we think that no one will understand. Our mental health, physical health, defining our wants and needs, financial health, are only some of the conversation’s we will experience. Race, religion, sexual orientation it doesn’t matter we are all human and we need to stick together to be a better species while making the world a better place to live in.

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