Discussion For The Day: Self Control Gains Traction

Today’s Story

“She had always had a problem with keeping her cool. Always thinking that the world wasn’t listening so she would yell and scream at everyone just to be heard. Her self control had no stance within the life that she had lived. Always on the lookout for something to fly off of the handle over. Self-control gains traction but that was still a mystery in life.

Shelly couldn’t hold down a stable job and let alone lead a productive life at home. All because she had this idea that the world was within her control. One of her greatest mentors pulled her aside one day when all she could do was complain how nothing had gone her way, ever.

“Shelly, calm down and sit back for a minute.” Bruce said to her, the local Pastor from the church she attended weekly. “Why do you feel like the world owes you something? Have you not read the word lately?”

She hadn’t, there was no research of substance to her life. No trial and error nor had there been any attempt at making such discoveries. Shelly always assumed that the world had to work in her favor, right?

“Take a minute and listen to yourself. Do you not realize that this world is under God’s Will and not your own? Speak, but speak wisely. Listen yet do your best to listen closely. You have the free will to do what you wish. Make an educated choice though, I’m here to listen if you are willing to put in the work.”

Shelly struggled for a long time with this aspect of life but following the talk she had with her Pastor she listened more. Also there was a sense of comfort knowing that there was someone trying to guide her in the right direction.

She stopped yelling and spoke with control. People responded. She listened first and then she had noticed people were listening to her. Life is a work in progress. Never stop learning.”

Self Control Gains Traction

Self-Control Gains Traction

We have no control over the world around us but the one thing that we do have control is how we react to it. Always remember that without the right reaction we will continually get the same results. They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results. Are you a scientist?

We are all students of life and deserve to learn from what we do in life. We should be continuously be reminding ourselves to analyze how we approach things and what our responses are. Allow room for improvement and check in with yourself.

Remember: the world does not owe you a thing. Do your best to get what you want and go for what you deserve. Nothing can stop you but your own inner limits.

Question Of The Day

What can you do today that will change the way you react to the world around you? Is there room for improvement when it comes to the way you control yourself?

Self control has a lot to offer once you take a hold of the idea that it is the only thing that you posses that no one can take away from you. Check your reactions when you get results that you were not looking for. Reflect on the way you approach the world and what it is giving back to you. Once you begin to observe this I assure you that you will notice flaws and improvements that can be made.

Self Control will change your life once you learn to use it in the right way.


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Written By: Will


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  • There is always room for improvement….love this post. For me it is to listen more…listen to others and to listen to myself. Thank you!

    • Thanks for dropping in Michelle. That was the case for me as well, I am someone who jumps to talk. It’s bad for me to do that because I don’t even give myself a chance to think about my response. It gets me into more trouble than helping me, haha!

      Have an awesome day and weekend!

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