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“Everyday his Grandmother had taken care of him. She was more of a mother to the child as he had grown up through out the years. She was a mother to everyone she had encountered. That was the vibe she put off of love and comfort. There was one thing she had always said to him, “Will, you should write a book.” She sat at the dinner table every night to go over homework with him. This is the start of a story full of struggle and pain. Pain is a powerful instrument when you apply it through the work’s of a positive outlet.

The years had gone by and struggle became a sense that was a heavy weight in life. See struggle and pain never really go away. Will had found this one out the hard way working through life at a slow pace. Unable to see the light in certain situations and put himself into situations that weren’t the best.

One stormy night he sat down at his desk asking for help, praying to his Grandmother. “Gram, if you can hear me please, give me a sign.” The wind blew harder and the lights flickered on and off in the room. He heard a flutter. Was that the sound of the soft pages of a notebook?

Will looked down and what was in front of him was irresistible. He was crying at this point but what had just happened would change his life forever. On the edge of his desk sat a notebook with a pen and the words scribbled on the first page.

It said: Yes you can. And that was it.

From that day forward, Will decided to use his life experiences as a means to write stories and give new meaning to life. The power of struggle can either make you or break you. It set Will down a path that he would never leave and that was to become a writer with a heart of gold and skin of rock.

His journey is just beginning. A new life in a sort of respect. He set out with the pain of his Grandmothers death in mind and the fact that she always saw the potential in him. His ability to write.

Pain Is a Powerful Instrument

Pain Is a Powerful Instrument

Too often pain is looked at as a negative thing that can not be overcome. How false this impression could be and far from the truth it will always become. Struggle and pain for me was one of the biggest motivational factors to turn my life around. Not only are lessons taught and learned but the ability to understand one self is monumental during moments of fight.

A solid sense of surrounding is established while there is also a understanding that most encounters may be overcome with attendance and the right nurture. Pain can bring you to a point where the only resolution is to self-reflect and change the route of life before it is too late. But is it ever too late to live the life you deserve to live?

Let the struggle of life be an instrument, one that plays elegantly with the tune of comfort.

Question For The Day

What life events have you gone through that have changed your life for the better? Are there things that you struggle with that you can not see the good in?

Every event that you encounter in life can change your life depending on the reaction that you give to it. Keep in mind that while you can use your experiences to negatively impact your life, to see the silver lining is a conscious decision. Especially when it comes to struggle it can turn negative quicker than it will ever impact you in a good way. Pain is a powerful instrument if you allow it to be a tool in which you can reflect on the purpose of your life.

To approach it with the right mindset is the first stepping stone into understanding why what is happening, is happening. Tend to your mind and carry your struggle on your shoulder. It will help you in the long run and help you see through to the end of the road. Do not die in the burning sun but rather grow into the human you were suppose to become through effort and dedication.


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Written By: Will

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  • I’m guessing this is your own personal story with Grandma. She loved you so much and believed in you and knew you would better your life. I’m sure she is looking down from heaven on you and being very proud. XO