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“As a river run’s fluently. Everlasting water continues to pour out of the source. Forever running as to the ears which are always listening. Imagine being able to not hear the words of others. Can we just get straight to the point?

The loud bang of rock tumbling down hill. Shattering sounds blasting throughout the valley. Sudden and moving as if it were never going to end. After a short while though, there is nothing but silence as to the mouth which is frequently speaking.”

Straight To The Point

Straight To The Point

We’ve been discussing the topic of leadership this week. Now hear me out on this one. A leader is someone who is not always apt to speak but rather, listen. Our ears are always tuned in to the world around us for a reason. It is our greatest asset to our skill of perception.

If you are listening and observing the world around you then there must be something that you can catch on to. With our ears we can hear emotion, words and body language from another human being. Catching on the hints and opportunities in which we may have lost if we were not attentive.

To become a successful leader you must first learn to listen to those around you. Dealing with not only yourself and hearing what you have to say but also to what others bring to the table. There is in no way you can lead a successful life without the forgotten skill of listening.

It’s great to be heard but when words are executed it should always be with precision and delicacy. Words can cut like a sword or lay you to rest into a sleep you’ve never felt before.

Question For The Day

Where can you listen more today instead of being the first to speak? Do you have the ability to lead without speaking?

Action is the most obvious form to gain traction and attention from others. People do not want to hear what you have to say but rather see you do what you do. Today, take a step back from being the first one to jump at the opportunity to speak.

Listen first and then execute, so that you are heard the firs time. With elegance and delivery that can not be denied.


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Written By: Will

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