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Fear Of The Unknown - Will's Wisdom

With so much going on the adventure starts today. The backpack is strapped tightly to my back and I am…

Integrity Triumph's Life - Will's Wisdom

A humble approach to all situations without judgement or qualification. The character to be an observant to life rather than…

Define The Way You Walk - Will's Wisdom

Looking at the ground demanding to find a way out. Determined to make a reason when there is nothing but…

Surround Yourself With Like-Minded Individuals - Will's Wisdom

There awaited the old sound which had not been heard for what had seemed an eternity. Just go back to…

Work On One Thing At A Time - Will's Wisdom

Practice make’s perfect, they say. With much dedication the scientist is looking to study all sciences. The master of all…

Take Responsibility For Yourself - Will's Wisdom

“To wake up and create a routine which works best is a good direction to head in.” A voice whisper’s…

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