Change Is Inevitable – Will's Wisdom

Elegantly looking toward the sky,

Waiting for the moment to come where everything is just fine,

Wondering what will become if all were to align,

Becoming silent to harmonize with the sound of the universe,

Telling all that it will be just fine,

The wind swims throughout the hair,

Combing the existence of time within the fabric we call life,

As we realize,

Change is Inevitable,

Unable to stop it for father time’s hand is the dial within the stars,

Creating what we see as divine,

Stepping back with one final breath,

The moment is mine.

What Are Friends? – Will's Wisdom

“When the path looks narrow and the opportunity to turn around presents itself there seems to be that voice that call’s, “It’s okay if you stop for now.” Dimming the vision of what was thought attainable. Bringing about the idea that just what if this is it and no more is to come. All of the sudden another voice presents itself… “You’ve got this and don’t stop just yet! You’re almost there!” It was the voice of a friend cheering on from the side line and sometimes you question, what are friends for?”

It's Not What You Do, It's How You Do It – Will's Wisdom

“Using every moment with pin point precision, there is a reason each person ends up where they do at the end of the day. The hardworking, ambitious college graduate ends up getting the dream job they’ve wanted since a young age. The lazy, last minute college graduate ends up back at home with no direction in mind. It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.

Developing a balance within the routine of life and envisioning the image of who you are and sticking with it can determine the end result.

Be Ready At Any Given Moment – Will's Wisdom

“Attempting to visualize everything in it’s place the engineer places each piece in it’s vital position. To understand the world is his job and how to create is his passion. Ultimately the end result is up to the eye of the beholder having a vision of what it is to be. Building a structure that is suppose to last more than a life time, the maker needs to be ready at any given moment, continuing on even after the maker is long gone.”

To Each His Own – Will's Wisdom

“So long to the life once lived as a glance at the past is just that, a glance, remembering all the faults, failures and experiences. The one who goes through the depths of hell, risen at the end a stronger individual. Learning that the physical world is not all rainbows, flowers and a dance in the rain. There is a required sense of balance to take on this walk we call life. Trials and tribulations will either make you or break you. To each his own, this is left to perception.