Choosing The Victim Mentality

“The was a man who one day had not mind to pay the world. Moving throughout his day as if it were any other regular day. You see, there was not much to it. Clock in at work, proceed to do his job, go home and that pretty much it. He was your average Joe doing what an average Joe did, live the good life. Let us not get confused because of the simplicity here he was a very happy man. Everything that he had done up until now was exactly what he wanted to do.

The simplicity created a sense of comfort for him because that was the type of man he was. He had the money he needed, he could pay his bills and guess what? He even had a little extra time at the end of his day so that he could see his friends. What else could he ask for?

Then one day he was going about his average Joe day. Doing his average Joe things. On his way to work he could hardly see it coming, it was a truck! This truck took out the entire front end of his vehicle before he noticed.

The man woke up sic months later, fresh out of a coma. He looked over at the doctor and the doctor said, “Son, you’re lucky to be alive. If that truck hit you a fraction of an inch closer to the cab you would never walk again.” Call that luck!

This man went about his life as if nothing had happened and I think that’s enough to say. Don’t fall victim to your own mind or circumstances, because Steve could have done that too. Steve decided to get back to life, on life’s terms. Proceeding forward with what he did best, living his simple life.

When Life Hands Your Complications, Conquer Them!

Life is constantly going to throw a wrench in all situations that you go through. The tough part here is choosing not to fall victim to what we go through. When we decide to play the victim it immediately constricts our ability to move further in the game of life. We could look at it like quitting a match of cards before it is even over. You ruin the hand not only for yourself but everyone else that is playing.

Conquer the complications and require the adaptability that we all can harness. Adaptability will be hard at first but when we try new things it comes at ease over time. Time is the remedy to any complication that we feel we can not handle. Never feel bound or pushed down by any complication because you can do it! You have the power within you to do anything that you set your mind to. Even if it is something that you feel you can not.

Give the good fight and continue to grow. Place yourself in the vantage point that you had once had through other means. If you are blessed to be good in entrepreneurship then be an entrepreneur by what ever means. If you are good at writing then write! Let us say that you are a great baseball player but can no longer swing a bat. Then use your troubleshooting ability in some other way. We can all make our strengths work in a way that creates a sense of achievement.

Question For The Day

Are you able to realize that you are not a victim? What is it in your life that gives you the ability to continue to fight?

The victim mentality is a song and tune many people play in today’s society. Do not fall into the trap of feeling like you are a victim. This is the farthest thing from the truth. You are a strong person and can do anything that you set your mind to. Without a sense of belonging to yourself you have nothing else to take a hold of. Be sure to realize that you are useful in situations that you may not even realize. Let it not be a trap if you can not go in other directions of life. Let it be a lesson that you may have to change directions from time to time.


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Written By: Will

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