To Each His Own – Will's Wisdom

“So long to the life once lived as a glance at the past is just that, a glance, remembering all the faults, failures and experiences. The one who goes through the depths of hell, risen at the end a stronger individual. Learning that the physical world is not all rainbows, flowers and a dance in the rain. There is a required sense of balance to take on this walk we call life. Trials and tribulations will either make you or break you. To each his own, this is left to perception.

The World Is At Your Fingertips – Will’s Wisdom

“As the accomplishments add up and the goals are checked off the list as complete, succession in the game we all play called life begins to take form. The nomad headed for the next city is attempting to believe that the next milestone is only a moment away. As the journey progresses an oasis is found with a pool of water, and food to last a life time. Looking into the water the nomad hear’s a voice, “The world is at your fingertips.” All the worries are gone within an instant of the one who traveled his whole life to find a home. At that moment every worry in the world has disappeared. Home was found at last.”

Awareness Creates Control Over Self – Will's Wisdom

“As the aged monk meditates the world begins to disappear. Slowly slipping away from the reality that we call real life. Losing the sense of self and creating the feeling of one. Putting behind ones own ignorance and seeking true revelation. Watching the simple thoughts that run through the mind as clouds from a train window. With the reminder that you are a prisoner of your own mind.”

Choose Your Heroes Diligently – Will’s Wisdom

“Looking up to a roll model, creating a preconceived notion of whom you will become. Choose your heroes diligently, the child was told as he began to grow old. Being proactive attempting to develop positive habits, routines, thoughts and process. The young child putting their favorite baseball star on a pedestal attempting through out life to achieve similar advancements or surpassing what was. Only to find out that their star in the sky is nothing but a unsavory human being.”

The Power Of The Mind – Will’s Wisdom

“Sprinting through the finish line, over and over again. Claiming the same time each and every time. Unable to progress with the familiar motions of the runner. Experiencing the drive and motivation to continue on running when the body says no. The willingness to overcome the physical strain with the heart of a warrior. The conscious capability of the mind is a powerful tool. With the end result in beating the previous time once thought unbeatable.”

Unlocking The Door With The Right Key – Will’s Wisdom

“The great attempt at unlocking the door in the darkness of the night with a key ring the size of Alaska. Key One: doesn’t work. Key Two: doesn’t work. Key Three: doesn’t work. Key Four: YES! GOT IT! The struggle in finding the key that fits triumphs over the sense of failure with each attempt shot down. Finally finding the key that works is a feeling that can not be purchased or rushed. Each time the right key is used, the hand stencils in the engravings of the key into the brain. The right key beings to be used the first time, every time.”

Connect To The World – Will’s Wisdom

“Day in and day out the lonely widow seems to lose hope of life. Looking out the window wishing friends may come from over the hill, to knock on the door. Wondering how to connect to the world. Seeking the comfort of what the world has to offer, wondering why it will not come. Slowly falling into the depths of a shadowy place but holding on for dear life. Then the idea finally comes that the widow realizes… She must leave the house if to connect with the world.”