Let’s Think About It – The Fine Line of Faith and Destiny

The Fine Line of Faith and Destiny

What Is Faith?

We like to envision faith as having complete confidence and trust in something other than ourselves. That could mean a God, a being or any other person or thing. Faith is something that takes a burden off you or I and places it into the hands of another entity. This could translate into the burdens of emotion, uncertainty and accomplishment. With all of the things faith could be used for it is simply putting assurance into something so that we can feel more comfortable in the life that we are living. There’s a fine line between faith and destiny and we will touch on that later, for now let’s move on.

Faith could be looked at from many different angles to which we can almost over complicate the entire situation. Stability is created from faith within the mind, spirit and physical being. There is also the strength that comes along which faith supplies. The strength that is involved with faith is one that is not seen or heard. It is something that shows through your convictions of action and what you do with yourself.

Faith can be put very simply: Giving trust over to what you do not understand.

What Is Destiny?

This brings us to destiny and if I were to comment on this, I don’t think destiny is what any of us make it out to be. Most of us perceive this as a hidden power that brings about events that we have not yet foreseen but wish to happen. How ridiculous this sounds, we still put our sense into destiny as if it has any control over our lives. Destiny is to put it simply, an idea that we have gotten what we already feel we deserve without putting the work in.

Here’s where it gets fun, yet tricky. The idea that faith and destiny are two in the same has become a toxic idea to the general populations because there seems to be a tie to the two. If I put my faith in this then destiny will support it. FACT CHECK! No, I’m sorry to break it to you, destiny does not coincide with faith. Destiny is something that does not support your success and will only further support your ability to do NOTHING at all.

What Do We Do From Here?

Stop with the nitty bull crap of trying to misconstrued two different words into one. Have the knowledge to back up what you consider your own criteria of leading a successful life. Get away from the toxicity of having this notion that if you believe something will happen, it will in fact happen. We all have dreams, aspirations and inspiration but to complete them we have to have FAITH, not trust in destiny.

Shackle down, hold on to your reins and let the horse start running. Put your head down, look up and get ready to start the races. You can do it and you will do it with faith in your mind. Faith that your goals will come to fruition, faith that you can and will become the person you deserve to be and that with the right amount of ambition anything is possible.

Get out there and kick some ass.


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Written By: Will

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