“Look up and just realize how small this earth that we reside on really is. For every moment is minuscule towards time as a whole. The time we fabricated to literally understand what is actually going on around us. Before time, before space and before we conceived the concept that tomorrow will come; Faith was a necessity to society in hope of a new day. Just because today is not going according to plan; have faith that tomorrow will bring a new day and a new light.”

When all hope is lost and there seems to be no other way, have you forgotten the power of faith? Today may not be perfect but that should never stop you from doing your best to show the negative forces of the universe who’s boss.

Keep your head up and keep on keeping on! Have faith in your choices and be who you are. Conquer today with confidence that everything will be okay.

No matter how you define the context of faith by all definitions I personally like to define it as:

Belief and trust that the standards you live by will always work in your favor as long as you strive to be the best version of yourself.

There is no right answer so long as you do not lose faith in what you believe.

Believe in yourself, humanity, society, the universe and all things that work together to form what we see on a daily basis. You woke up this morning which means you have another chance to live your best life.






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