“To be content with where we stand in life is a dangerous position to be in. Be obsessed with improvement, so obsessed the next opportunity is forced to present itself. The energy you send out to the universe comes back instantaneously in the form of karma, a lucky chance or a learning experience to add to the vault of maturity of self. Consistently persist on taking this adventure we call life to the next level. Resist the temptation to do nothing at all. Comfort in conformity is dangerous; as it halts development in self.”

At times we may catch ourselves falling into the trap of living life on life’s terms. How often we have to constantly deal with this is up to how we perceive what is going on around us. When you boil water you have nothing left.

You can choose what is being paid attention to with the power of mind. There is no contract that states you must take in everything that goes on around us.

However hard it is to move forward in life, the universe will never give you anything that can not be handled. Life has an interesting way of testing the individual on a constant basis even with minuscule that help with improvement of our daily lives.

Be obsessed with self-improvement, growing stronger in mind, body and spirit each day. Constantly looking for that chance to learn something about the world and how it operates.

Written by: Will


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