Connect To The World – Will’s Wisdom

“Day in and day out the lonely widow seems to lose hope of life. Looking out the window wishing friends may come from over the hill, to knock on the door. Wondering how to connect to the world. Seeking the comfort of what the world has to offer, wondering why it will not come. Slowly falling into the depths of a shadowy place but holding on for dear life. Then the idea finally comes that the widow realizes… She must leave the house if to connect with the world.”

You Must Help Yourself Before Helping Others – Will’s Wisdom

“Striving to make the best of all situations, remembering the center of life begins to fade. At the core of every being is the soul, which needs to be nurtured and watered from time to time. Delicately pouring over the fruit of becoming centered once again. Grounding to the earth from which we have all come; and will return. Taking the time to just be while improving the core of oneself. Be with the moment and tie to the message of helping yourself; the soul does not lie.”

Feeling Good Enough Is A Priority – Will’s Wisdom

“Moving through the day looking around, the perception of not being good enough settles in. As the toddler looks around at the other fortunate families, with enough resource to provide abundance to their families; while others are just making it by. Wishing more came to fruition through-out the holiday’s and blaming oneself for the short coming. Wondering what set of circumstances brought this guilt to the table, looking for a way to become better; to feel better.”