It's Not What You Do, It's How You Do It – Will's Wisdom

“Using every moment with pin point precision, there is a reason each person ends up where they do at the end of the day. The hardworking, ambitious college graduate ends up getting the dream job they’ve wanted since a young age. The lazy, last minute college graduate ends up back at home with no direction in mind. It’s not what you do, it’s how you do it.

Developing a balance within the routine of life and envisioning the image of who you are and sticking with it can determine the end result.

Be Ready At Any Given Moment – Will's Wisdom

“Attempting to visualize everything in it’s place the engineer places each piece in it’s vital position. To understand the world is his job and how to create is his passion. Ultimately the end result is up to the eye of the beholder having a vision of what it is to be. Building a structure that is suppose to last more than a life time, the maker needs to be ready at any given moment, continuing on even after the maker is long gone.”

Paying Attention To The Body – Will's Wisdom

“While attempting to warm up ready to lift the entire weight, the body needs time to prime and start up. A quick run and the blood begins to circulate to the familiar feel of instant adrenaline. Able to continue on through the rough start up and ready for the complete lift of 300 pounds from the power lifter. Paying attention to the body with years of experience and taming of the body results in extraordinary abilities that amateur participants may not be able to compete with. Also, the powerlifter knows when enough is enough.

Awareness Creates Control Over Self – Will's Wisdom

“As the aged monk meditates the world begins to disappear. Slowly slipping away from the reality that we call real life. Losing the sense of self and creating the feeling of one. Putting behind ones own ignorance and seeking true revelation. Watching the simple thoughts that run through the mind as clouds from a train window. With the reminder that you are a prisoner of your own mind.”

The Power Of The Mind – Will’s Wisdom

“Sprinting through the finish line, over and over again. Claiming the same time each and every time. Unable to progress with the familiar motions of the runner. Experiencing the drive and motivation to continue on running when the body says no. The willingness to overcome the physical strain with the heart of a warrior. The conscious capability of the mind is a powerful tool. With the end result in beating the previous time once thought unbeatable.”

Know Who YOU Are – Will's Wisdom

“Aimlessly wandering around, attempting to find the next meal, the beggar seems to forget where he is going. Wondering who will save him from this disaster created over the years breaking away from society. Unable to understand why what has happened, happened. For some reason, the beggar has forgotten one vital point; he has forgotten himself.”

You Must Help Yourself Before Helping Others – Will’s Wisdom

“Striving to make the best of all situations, remembering the center of life begins to fade. At the core of every being is the soul, which needs to be nurtured and watered from time to time. Delicately pouring over the fruit of becoming centered once again. Grounding to the earth from which we have all come; and will return. Taking the time to just be while improving the core of oneself. Be with the moment and tie to the message of helping yourself; the soul does not lie.”