Live Regret Free; Learn To Let Go – Will’s Wisdom

“Sitting down after a long day, reflection on what could have been begins to settle in. What if the decision was made to not get so up set? Why had this moment taken on this track? Could there have been a different choice made? The voice of reason, sometimes; is not the voice of reason at all, but the voice of destruction. Caring on the ticking time bomb that can result in the dismantling of the stable mind. Then realizing, does it really matter at all? It was just a learning experience and nothing to regret.”

Make Room For Balance – Will’s Wisdom

“The yin-yang, The Ouroboros. The Infinity. The Bindu. The symbols of time, showing balance as an ageless concept known to man. The unity of opposites. The old saying,”All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” Become aware of what you are yearning for. Create stability within the routine that is developed as to not lose control and hyper focus on one area of life, to lose the rest in it’s place.”

Have Faith In The Mind – Will’s Wisdom

“Steadily brewing offshore, the storm is ready to make direct impact with land. Preparation is sought and all options are evaluated, then reevaluated again and again. The mind conjures many circumstances, without much force. Allowing the mind to go astray to a purpose you may not believe in, is dangerous. As the unpredictable storm strikes…