Remaining humble within identity

To Stay Humble Within Identity – Will's Wisdom

“The emperor has it all, his power, fame and fortune. Waking up each day taking what is his and living happily ever after. Unwillingly able to notice that any of these commodities may be removed at any moment. Carelessly spending every ounce of what was gained as if it were endless. Unable to determine the advantage of noticing the value of what is possessed. He has forgotten a very valuable lesson: To stay humble within identity.”

Choose Your Heroes Diligently – Will’s Wisdom

“Looking up to a roll model, creating a preconceived notion of whom you will become. Choose your heroes diligently, the child was told as he began to grow old. Being proactive attempting to develop positive habits, routines, thoughts and process. The young child putting their favorite baseball star on a pedestal attempting through out life to achieve similar advancements or surpassing what was. Only to find out that their star in the sky is nothing but a unsavory human being.”

Happy Holidays From Team Tangible

“As the gift of life were brought to us, living as the best version of ourselves seems to be the only answer. The gift to give is most important with the honor to be in this current moment. Coming together as a token of appreciation for what we have; the holiday gives us the chance to slow down and see what we really posses.”