Patience is a virtue

Patience Is A Virtue – Will's Wisdom

By the river bank the fisherman waits patiently for the nibble which signifies his next meal and pay day. A few coins per fish he only hopes to eat tonight. Little does anyone know it has been almost a week since he has taken anything home not only for himself but the family he has at home as well. Whistling away looking as if there is no worry in the world up on his face. A feat that he has overcome before, a lesson learned in his adolescence, patience is a virtue.

The World Is At Your Fingertips – Will’s Wisdom

“As the accomplishments add up and the goals are checked off the list as complete, succession in the game we all play called life begins to take form. The nomad headed for the next city is attempting to believe that the next milestone is only a moment away. As the journey progresses an oasis is found with a pool of water, and food to last a life time. Looking into the water the nomad hear’s a voice, “The world is at your fingertips.” All the worries are gone within an instant of the one who traveled his whole life to find a home. At that moment every worry in the world has disappeared. Home was found at last.”

With Opportunity Comes Challenge – Will's Wisdom

“Starting with nothing more than the clothes on his back and nothing more than drive, ambition and courage. Seeking opportunity with no expectations yet allowing what is to be. As the dedicated college student graduates, nothing more than the world itself is available and accessible with no map or instruction manual. With opportunity comes challenge so seeking the challenge one must do. Rather than sit back to watch, suddenly the student throws themselves in the midst of the busy world, scrapping by and successfully placing opportunity within grasp simply by being present and attempting to be the best version of themself. Creating the risk of losing it all yet creating a challenge to prove the opportunity is worth the takin.”

Choose Your Heroes Diligently – Will’s Wisdom

“Looking up to a roll model, creating a preconceived notion of whom you will become. Choose your heroes diligently, the child was told as he began to grow old. Being proactive attempting to develop positive habits, routines, thoughts and process. The young child putting their favorite baseball star on a pedestal attempting through out life to achieve similar advancements or surpassing what was. Only to find out that their star in the sky is nothing but a unsavory human being.”

See The Picture; Then Get To It – Will’s Wisdom

“Looking into the pool that tells all, the magician see’s success and faith taking it’s course in all the right ways. As hopes are high and the moment is now, everything makes sense. Having a vision of what will be, solidifies each movement which will become embedded in time. Trajectory is the solution for not knowing where one wants to be. Visualize where destiny will take you and it will take you there.”