Appreciate What You Have – Will’s Wisdom

Around the table we sit, to give thanks to those around the food at center, given the change to be…Read More

History Repeats Itself – Will’s Wisdom

“The great library had books dated centuries back. Every piece of information gathered were insight into the past wisdom, knowledge…Read More

The Human Mind Is a Sensitive Vessel – Will’s Wisdom

“The stair builder takes planks and delicately places each one down, one after another. The whole point is to get…Read More

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Crystal Ball Say’s It All – Will’s Wisdom

“Being lost is not a statement but an influence on the journey to self-realization. While the mind wanders and the…Read More

We Are Not All The Same – Will’s Wisdom

The world is defined as the earth, together with all of its countries, peoples, and natural features. Exploring the entire…Read More

Why Fight Your Own Existence – Will’s Wisdom

“Why fight your own existence, trying to avoid the world just as it is. Progress can be broken down into…Read More

Misinterpretation Of Control – Will’s Wisdom

Constantly trying to control and change the way life presents itself the student seems to blame all others before himself.…Read More

Responsibility Is Part Of The Game – Will’s Wisdom

The General takes center stage within the battle field as he prepares his army for the moment of a life…Read More

Change Is Inevitable – Will’s Wisdom

Elegantly looking toward the sky, Waiting for the moment to come where everything is just fine, Wondering what will become…Read More

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