The Weight Of Loneliness Can Be Heavy

There is a common thread in the light of loneliness, we all go through it at one time in our lives or another. Right now more than ever I suspect there is a rise in the cases of depression solely based on this one attribute alone. A decreased appetite, insomnia and ever the inability to think makes its way into the mind and being. Our devices and coping mechanism’s start to fall short and all of the things we previously had done are no longer being held onto. Loneliness can have a heavy price tag if we allow it to.

This is a dangerous place to be. It is something that we must catch on to early because if we do not, mental illness is inevitable. The harmful effects of mental illness have a grasp that are hard to be relieved from. By being brought to the center of attention loneliness can be avoided or plundered. There will have to be specific signs that you look out for. Prior to giving way to loneliness, noticing anything that can take you down is the key.

When feeling down, take note of it. Assuming that sleep is center and forefront to success now, insomnia has taken it’s place. Next thing we see is a sense of weight gain. None of this is good and should have you reevaluating yourself for signs of loneliness and mental illness.

Loneliness Can Have A Heavy Price Tag
Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

A Quote For Today

Since description is needed to understand what we are going through, being as descriptive as possible is necessary. If the description of self is off for even a moment self-reflection should come into place. It is as a dry plant screaming for water but only the attention we need to pay to ourselves.

– Will

Question For The Day

How well do you know yourself and are you able to notice signs of loneliness?

Loneliness can be looked at negatively or in a positive manner. Actively paying attention to the signs that can help turn you around are detrimental. We all know who we so with that respect we should be fully aware of any sudden changes. Having the awareness to know oneself is can be more important than any other thing in situations that can effect mental health.


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Written By: Will

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