Hear Me Out, Be Sure To Listen First

It can become an easy assumption to burst out and be the first to be heard. Or, even better yet it could be potentially easier to be the one who figures it all out. We all must justify ourselves, right? That satisfaction in being able to say that you did it and I was right all along. Needless to say in the midst of the entire interaction, you had not even realized you were raising your voice. Be sure to listen first or else there could be challenges awaiting ahead.

I know when I am not listening, I tend to be reacting in some form or another. The drama that is involved with the entire world and the state that it is in right now can be an everlasting flavor. A tone that we set for our day. If we like it or not, the times we are living in are what they are because that is just the way it is. We do not and will not be able to control it so why have it determine the outcome of your life?

If your lips are moving then we can be sure that your ears are not listening. If we can design our minds to interpret the world first it can be life changing. It gives our ears a chance to decipher what is going on. It also presents the brain an opportunity to be one step ahead of the lips. So, that should be enough proof to live by the wise words of listening first. This tactic could be used in any and all situations that you find yourself in.

Be Sure To Listen First
Image by Joanna Reichert from Pixabay

Let Me Tell You A Story

“The snake slithers as if is had legs to walk on. Unable to hear him coming and without the sense to understand he was always willing to give his opinion. It did not matter who he was talking to, if his voice was not heard then it was nothing that he wanted to deal with.

Then we have the rabbit who lived his entire life on the go. Always perking his ears up in hopes of catching the next drift as if he had the best gossip in town. Ready to give up the story in order to make himself look as if he was the prestigious one of them all.

Let us not forget the lioness who prowled her territory all about her own. On the look out constantly for her cubs, listening intently but also willing to scream if she had to. Not really initiated by any other business but her own and the safety of her own family.”

Question For The Day

Where do you see yourself not listening enough? Is there any way that you can change your pattern of thinking?

There is a pattern we follow when we are actively listening compared to when we are not. The world has a lot to say if we just allow ourselves a moment to rest and see. Not seeing with the eyes but seeing with the ears. When we see with the ears we allow ourselves to be in tune with everything that is around us. It is as if we can feel the earth with our eyes closed.

It is like the animals in the stories today, we can take on different aspects of life and approach them differently. Depending on the aspect that you are taking in life you can often look through the eyes of the prospect in which you want to see. Your perspective is how you want it to be determined by the face that you decide to wear.


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Written By: Will

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