Let Me Tell You A Story: The Trickle Down Effect

Dear Diary,

Today was going so well. I woke up in the best mood ever and there was even breakfast waiting by the barn for me. She looked so pretty brushing our newest horse. The elegant hair running down her back shining in the sunrise. It was a beauty unlike any other, so soft and pure. These days had the trickle down effect but, so did the bad ones.

I am happy to say that our day was going great until she looked at me and remembered yesterday’s faults. You could see it in her eyes and I could not understand why. Everything has a reason they say but I could not figure this one out.

I tried so hard to show her that our lives were good and that everything would be okay. To be a pillar to lean against and even a support system like no other. But, some days I felt as if that weren’t good enough. Little did she know I spent nights behind the ranch, crying and pleading with God. Asking good why had he imposed such negativity upon our lives. What would it take for things to just be normal and okay?


Michael V. Hankle


The Trickle Down Effect
Image by HeungSoon from Pixabay

Today’s Discussion on The Trickle Down Effect

The trickle down effect is an idea that we often think does not effect us or others. That is such a false claim and can inherently destroy many things in life that we have going for ourselves. I am almost inclined to say I have even gone to the extremities of doing things that I really did not realize their effect. This could be broken down into many different aspects and here is where I’ll start. Your attitude.

Your Attitude Trickles Into Everything You Do

Think about it for a second. Each step that we take in life requires a little bit of attitude. Good or bad. positive or negative. Energetic or sloth. You name it, it has an approach and counter. This can directly leak into every passage that you cross in life. Attitude is an ever flowing river that follows the path of least restistence.

It can impose itself on the situations you end up in, the people that are around you and even in the motion you take at home or work. If you have an upbeat positive attitude I can guarantee you that people will gravitate towards you. Try on your pessimist suit on for the day and we can all say with confidence that you will not be drawing a crowd any time soon.

Actions Can Impede On All Moments To Come

What you do with your time now can have a lateral effect on all things to come after. There seems to be this idea that if no one is looking, you’re in the clear. Naïve yet thoughtful, how this can be the furthest from the truth. Any deed done does not go unseen. When no one is looking there is still someone always looking and that is YOU.

If we are inclined to do negative things when no one is looking we are ultimately the ones who pay the price with pure regret. Regret that we are not doing as we should or even troubled by the simple thought that we are not where we should be, according to our own due diligence

Question For The Day

What can you do today that is different from yesterday that will effect you positively?

It’s hard to realize that we do things in a way where it is harmful to others and that is completely understandable. But, when someone approaches you with something and you proceed to fail to improve, I suggest that a bad move. Look for ways to continually improve and even better your life so that you can lead a more successful life. Not for those around you but also yourself included. You are your own network to the world around you!

Take a moment to reflect on yourself to see where your attitude lies. What are you doing in life that has a powerful effect on those around you. Create the environment that you wish to live in, instead of being an application of having a negative effect on those around you.


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