Today’s Discussion: Do Not Let Rejection Determine Your Outcome

Rejection can be something that is hard to deal with especially when you feel as if you have already got it all figured out. It can impose the feeling of being unworthy, underqualified or not deserving of what is to come. The water tends to get murky here and there which means we can not see where we are going or what we are doing. During these monumental times we can either falter under the pressure that we design ourselves or bring forward our character in which we can show our best. Do not let rejection determine your outcome.

Here is what we know about rejection, most of the time it is fabricated within our own minds. It is almost like the fear of something happening is a direct result of the rejection itself. That’s where I come in and tell you, if you do not try then how do you know at all? With rejection we decline to make a move in life over fear of something because we have never experienced it before. Rather, as paradoxical as it seems, rejection happens before the rejecting even happens.

Having a sense of abandonment does require some time to heal from because these feelings are stronger than some of the others that can take over our psyche. Self-awareness and observation can help with understanding who you are and why you should keep going for what you desire. The outcome of any given moment is at your disposal because if you have not yet been rejected what is there to lose?

Do Not Let Rejection Determine Your Outcome
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The Gains Of Rejection

So, when we look at rejection we must even start to see that it is a means to start a new chapter and way of thinking because it opens up the opportunity to learn, teach and grow. While all of this is happening we even start to partake in gaining more wisdom.

Hear me out, If you are rejected I do not even recommend that means you have encountered something negative. No rejection is typically considered negative unless you define it that way to yourself. A lot of what we see in life is up to our own ability to interpret. The wisdom we can gain from rejection can and will benefit us because it opens growth potential. It’s like looking through a dirty window but after we clean it again we can see clearly. So, when the window is dirty we can not tell what is on the other side.

The outcome of rejection is bittersweet and revolutionary in so many ways. Not only does it help with perspective of self it will also influence growth. Growth is beyond wisdom and wisdom pertains to knowledge. It is almost as if all of these things have a lateral effect upon one another then the outcome is something marvelous. A new being and intention.

Question For The Day

Where do you see rejection take place in your life? Can you overcome these misconceptions of rejection?

Do not let rejection fool you. Ten out of ten times it will and then you fall to the hands of something that you could have had a hold on the entire time. Rejection will get in the way of goals, ambition and waste your time. Go for what you want to go for. Be who you want to be. Do what you wish to do. Overcoming the challenges we all face on a daily basis is no easy task but it can be done.


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