What Is Ego?

Here we are talking about ego again. The thing about ego is that it could be considered one of the most confusing things to talk about if you do not fully understand it. This is not a one sided story that we can necessarily speak on and talk about in the matter of only a few minutes. However, if we dive deep into it I can break it down into a few different parts that are easy to understand. Ego is good as it is deadly and that is a fact. If ego exist at all.

For us to comprehend what ego is imagine a scale with counter weights on each side. With one moving each time that you are tempted to do something good for someone or something with no intent on getting anything in return. The other side is balanced solely on the premonition on receiving something each time something good is done.

The activity of the balance is the ego itself. On each side you have what would be considered the motion in which the ego can go and how it weighs in on your life and being as a whole.

What Is The Good Side Of Ego?

The good side of ego that we all like to see operates off of very simple fundamentals. While we can all figure out motives behind a good ego it’s very simple. A good ego doesn’t really need anything in return. The good ego has no intention. There is also a sense of “virginity” to the good ego. Where when it stands alone you can unveil the process and still completely understand it.

I can make this equation even harder to understand but then that defeats one purpose. The innocence of the good ego is removed from our perception. Each layer added removes so much from the main reason of good ego. Good ego is transparent to a point where it is almost barely seen, if at all. That is the reason most good deeds go unspoken.

This almost releases the question, is there an ego at all?

Ego Is Good As It Is Deadly

What Is The “Deadly” Side Of Ego?

Here’s the fun part. The “bad” side of ego is in all of us. This is the ego we so desperately pend on and believe to be the undertaker of all. I personally believe that neither have a spot within our being if we do not allow them to. This is because from the point of view of suppressing ego as a whole we can quantify our hearts. Being at peace with ourselves is goal. I would like to think peace means love. Now I also believe firmly that the bad ego has a place within us.

It shows through in times of hardship or gain. It can also shine through when measures become desperate. Let us not for get some other ways it can gain ground which are so easily forgotten because it can be overlooked. Moments where we want a better position. Social media steps in to the picture and we feel the need to impress. We have this idea because the world needs to know what we are doing, right? I think not.

So Do We Understand Ego Even More Now?

Ego is something that is hard to understand and is hardly understood. The good side of ego and the bad side of ego are two in the same. If you can comprehend this then it is easier to understand why we should do our best to stay away from either side of the spectrum. The safest vantage point would be from the middle so that we can maintain a balance. Ego truly is as deadly as it is good.

If I seem a bit rusty, I am. Don’t forget I had taken a few months off and because of that it will take some time.


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Written By: Will

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