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“Steadfast homeward, we were almost there. Had we thought what were to happen next inevitable we would have chosen a different route. But, that’s how life gets you. Within the essence of time things splinter into moments that are hard to make sense of. The race begins here, every time we think it has come to an end.

My head was down and we were making good ground, that was for sure. I saw the old city that we used to call home however it no longer was considered even a hole in the wall. Once more we chose to keep moving forward. The closer we got I can tell you that we continued to get further away.

The murky ground beneath our feet was the first thing we could smell and see. Then there was the grizzly bear we were constantly evading. Fear had come an gone more than once or twice. Adrenaline had become all too common.

Fear was engulfing and overtaking each moment because each movement forward was combatant of a step backward. Yet we never forgot the wise words of an old man whom would never be forgotten, “The race begins here.” You see, the race never starts nor ends. When we will never arrive at home because we are nomads that move from place to place in hopes of comfort that I have not found yet. Forever searching I wish to get there but will never regret the moments I’ve pushed forward.”

Every Time We Start Again, We Have Never Ended: The Race Begins Here

There is a false belief that things end and start. That might be because we have all been mislead into thinking that perhaps we have a chance in gaining the upper hand in whatever we do. Or, maybe that once something ends we can start all over again. Life is one continuous motion forward and there really is no beginning or ending to anything that we do. That’s like saying we pause our lives every time we lay down to take a nights rest.

Would it not be foolish to believe that when we close our eyes for the night all else ceases to exist? There is always a reason to why things end up the way that they do. Some could be seen as a way for new opportunity to enter life while being transparent to the rest of your being. Transitioning from starting and ending almost seems obsolete if you dig into the context entirely. We never truly start anything just as much as we never end things.

Let’s look at it from another angle, being perplexed by the fact that this continuum that we call life is also a building block upon what has been prior to our existence along with what will come after it. The continuity of this can support the circumstance that we are what is and will be what has been. That all ties back into living in the now.

Question For The Day

What is your view on life and the continuous effect that it has? Are you living moment to moment or are you living right now?

I think we also need to consider something else. Are we living in the now, right now. Or, are we living in the now based on the previous of what was and what will be? The idea here is that if we can disregard the past and the future I can almost assure you that things will get better immediately. Fear goes right out the window along with some other very negative aspects of fear which could be anxiety, guilt and depression.

Let me know what you think in the comments below, I would love the hear from you. Thank you for your time, I really appreciate it. As always have an amazing day!

<3 Will


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Written By: Will

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