Let’s Think About It – Take A Look Into The Past, Don’t Get Lost In It

The past can create wonders for us all including the ability to see whom we’ve become thus far. Being able to sit in the sense of nostalgia for just a moment can create a tremendous impact on the brain. Doors begin to swing open and we can even venture into a place we had once been so familiar within. Dancing in the rain as a child we had a smile on our faces that were indescribable. Feelings of energy that had rushed through our veins at the speed of light because we were immediate to give our first love a kiss. Take a look into the past, don’t get lost in it.

The past is a beautiful thing that can create harmony in our lives today. It’s a constant reminder of how far the road we had travel is in hopes that we do not get lost along the way. That’s the tricky part though, to not get lost along the way.

The past offers so many good things because all that we have left are the memories. I think that is what makes them so special yet, deadly. It is so easy to pick up these memories in hopes that we can relive them again. Relive them to a point where we forget that who we are today is an even better version of who we were. The soft sweet touch is a phenomenal thing but do not latch on with hopes of successfully living there forever.

Take A Look Into The Past Don't Get Lost

Question For The Day

Do you find yourself getting lost in the past to a point where you forget how far you’ve come?

Trust me, I know, there’s no better feeling than reminiscing in the past with a few friends. Being able to laugh, cry and even scream out with joy! The feelings are wonderous and can even instill you to do even better in the future moments. Who you were has lead up to who you are. With that being said take a look into the past but do not get lost in it. We can get carried into a world that is just a fable and beyond our reach.


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Written By: Will

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