Let’s Think About It – When You Give In, Do You Lose?

When You Give In, You Lose

When You Give In, You Lose

Let me start off with apologizing. I do apologize for the lack of content the past three months. I was convinced that life was easy. I took on things that took over my entire being which resulted in lack of other areas in my life. Writing for Tangible Triumph being one of them, which I’ve missed dearly. It showed in my every day interactions after a while that this is where I in fact, should be. I took on some college courses, commitments and other duties that had me going 100 miles per hour, in a 25 mile per hour zone. But, that’s okay I’ve learned a lot. When you give in, you lose.

The easy route is something the world convinces us is the best way to assume our positions. “Just go with the flow, man.” I hear it all the time. Going with the flow may get you no resistance however what else will it supply? Almost immediately we can see the difference between trying and doing. Of course we would all like to take the easy way out.

Let Me Tell You A Story

“They say that water follows the path of least resistance. It does, especially when it’s going down hill and has an easier path to follow. We found that out when we were watching the rain last night. It was cold and stormy but that didn’t matter, we wanted to kiss in the rain. Feeling her lips was the warm comfort I’d been looking for half my life.

It all started when we realized, this wasn’t going to be easy. Our relationship. You see, the distance we had to travel just to hold hands was thousands of miles and to be able to hold on to her was a task that didn’t take hours but days.

We finally made it happen. There was the day that came where we finally realized if we wanted to be together it just had to happen. We had to do it.

It was pouring out, the rain hadn’t held up, we just landed and there she was. It started in the rain, after I got out of the airport.

I was finally looking into the eyes of the love of my life after 7 long years of never seeing her.

When You Give In, You Give Up

Stop listening to that little voice in your head that say’s you’ve got this. Just do what you feel is right. If you stop learning, you stop living. If you stop moving forward with things, you will never succeed. Success only comes to those who want to reach for more, when enough is not enough. If you give in to the small things in life and allow them to take over you remove from what can or will be.

Stay strong, stay smart and most importantly move full force ahead. It could be extremely easy to lose yourself in the hardship of life and even easier to forgot who you are when you need to remember. If nothing in life were hard, we would have nothing more to look forward to.


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Written By: Will

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  • I would have to say when we give in (as in surrender to life) we actually win! Because we are being guided not by our own capacity and understanding but by forces greater than we can imagine.

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