Today’s Discussion: Embrace The Challenge

Stay Focused and Embrace The Challenge

Challenge is something that each and every one of us will face. There’s a few different things that we all do when faced with challenge. Some of us turn and run from the challenge. Some learn to stay focused, adapt and embrace the challenge. I choose the second. Here’s why, with each and every challenge comes the chance not only for success but the opportunity to grow.

When challenge comes our way there’s a few things we can consciously link together: our ability to think, plan and execute. Everything is already as it is. When we fully wrap our heads around the concept that it can be what we wish it to, life will reveal itself to us. This is usually through a small challenge that will help us recognize what we’ve so far accomplished.

There’s a preconceived notion that challenge is something negative which is far from the truth. A good challenge could and will change your life for the better. We always say it and it still stands true, “The universe will not set you up with something that you can not handle.” If it were not meant to be then you would not be offered the opportunity to do so. Dissect that statement and look it through. The universe will not set you up with something that you can not handle. So what must you do now?

Embrace The Challenge

Question For The Day

When you are set forth with a good challenge, do you see it as a negative or positive? Are you able to embrace challenge?

There is no way in hell that a challenge could be a negative situation. Challenge is always positive and if you beg to differ these readings may not be for you. Think of all of the times that you’ve come out on the other side as an accomplished winner. Were you expecting to win at all or were you so focused on the task at hand, winning didn’t matter?

Embrace the challenges life throws at you for it will only allow you to become a more resilient person whom understands their own capacity.


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Written By: Will

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