Today’s Discussion: Feeling The Sensation of Connection

You Can Feel Connection If You Are Connecting

Put your phone done for a minute when you are talking to someone. Look away from the T.V. screen when your child comes over to show you some excitement. Before you lay your head upon the pillow after a long day, connect with your significant other even if it’s to tell them you love them. We all have lost feeling the sensation of connection. It’s frightening as much as something we need back.

With the way life is right now, through the pandemic and technology itself, I feel we’ve lost touch with one another. The feeling of being able to really connect has gotten lost within the midst of everyday life. We are slowly being trained to put our heads down and move forward without any social interaction what-so-ever.

This would be a potentially dangerous world to live in if we continue down the path that we are headed. It is mostly depressing but also disturbing that some do not see the harm that is being caused. We still need to social connect even though most are being pushed in the opposite direction. Remember that you DO have friends. You ARE loved. You CAN huge another human being. Yes, we must take precaution in the harm’s that are present at this moment. Contingent on your own system of beliefs which we should all respectfully condone within each other.

Do not forget that importance of what it really feels like to connect with a human being. Not only is this healthy but it is also vital to our survival. Holing yourself up in a room and not allowing anyone to enter will only destroy your inner-being. Progress could be lost and there will absolutely be a digress in your social skill set as a whole. Just remember, you do matter, no matter how you feel inside. You are important even if you can not see others or connect with them at this very moment.

Feeling The Sensation of Connection

Question For The Day

Are virtual connections not enough? Are you able to maintain a healthy social balance within the confinements of our current living circumstances?

There’s one thing we must all remember, the virtual world can only supply so much. There is an emotional and spiritual connection we gather amongst each other when we are able to sense our connections. I’m not discrediting the virtual world, it’s brought convenience and adaptability to our finger tips. In essence it is a beautiful thing but we must not mistake it for actual connection.

We are creatures of social circumstances in which we must fill these needs. My point here is to get everything you need out of what you have at this very moment. Don’t let the moments pass where you can really feel the sensation of what a connection really feels like.


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Written By: Will

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