Today’s Story: Reinforce The Positive Choices

“Every time the baby elephant were to stand, she had only fallen over. Head over heels and up and over she had went. Discouraged and left on her bum she wasn’t sure what to do. Since she couldn’t stand well she couldn’t keep up with her brothers and sisters. Then one day she stood tall and strong, with the feeling of her mothers trunk laid upon her back. Her mother was going to reinforce the positive choices the baby elephant were making.

It was funny because after a while just because she were standing, she had no longer felt that warm trunk laid upon her back in comfort so she was in a state of confusion. Were she doing something wrong or was there more to do? Then, the next day she decided to take a step and try walking for the first time. She was making an attempt to follow behind her brother. Then, something amazing happened, she took three successful steps and then plumped to the ground! She felt her mothers trunk laid upon her back again, in comfort. She loved her mother.

After a while she was stumbling around successfully upon her feet with no assistance with the other members of her young pack. Unable to run but with the lack of the comfort of a trunk for support.

She finally was able to run and her mother supported each positive choice she had successfully made with strict resistance to overdoing the attention. Her mother knew, she had to reinforce her youngest to keep up with others through a series of events that would foster a positive environment.”

Reinforce The Positive Choices

To Reinforce Positivity There Is A Dedicated Process

Not only are there chances that will reinforce what we do with our time, lives and daily actions but I suggest they be positive ones. When we make the leap forward to try something new, if we fail then we must get back up and try again. The entirety of life comes full circle when we realize that we must all support one another. With support any negative reaction could result in the deterioration of oneself and others. We are here for one another.

As the mother had with her baby in the story above, we can be that supporting factor to positively reinforce someone going through hard times. With that being said, we can remain in hopes that the same will be done for us. We are all human beings and anything negative will only result in a negative outcome. Of course we need to be reprimanded for things that are extreme and ludicrous but, mistakes to happen often. When a mistake happens to be positively reinforced can be the difference between getting back up and falling down.

We are here for one another and that is something amazing that we can obtain each day. In the long stretch of things we are suppose to support one another. Dedication to what we want is harness by the ability to positively reinforce ourselves from within. We must be tender with our ideas and the person that we wish to become.

Question For The Day

How can you reinforce yourself positively today? Are there areas of your life where you can use a helping hand?

We all need help from time to time. Also, there is a small portion of us who do extremely well at being self sufficient. No matter how self sufficient you are to have a positive reinforcement to what you are doing can go a long way. It will in aiding the soul and mind.

Can you allow yourself to be positive today while also continuing forward to do the same for others? The path that you follow with yourself can be offered to the world around you. If you are tender with yourself you can also be tender with others. Remember to reinforce the world around you with positivity.


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Written By: Will

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