Today’s Discussion: The State of Flow

Everything Feels Right In The State of Flow

Striving to be the best person you can be is something that must be something taken seriously on a daily basis. Being in the state of mind where everything is focused on the present moment. The series of actions within the state of flow are something that are not predetermined but things that just happen. While the sense of flow is within us we hardly notice because we are being carried through without much thought.

Our actions are something that we heavily focus on especially when we are just becoming familiar with something. With that being said, what happens when you already know the subject or matter that you are dealing with? You can suddenly take your mind off the exact matter and simultaneously do it within that moment. The body has a way of entering the mind and spirit directing it to do what it wishes. Knowing you are in the state of flow is something that doesn’t cross the mind while it is happening. It just is.

When we happen to find ourselves within these moments do not withdraw but simply be. Sit in the moment and allow it to happen. Do not push or pull on it so that it may dissolve and become less than. It will if you put too much focus on it because then you are focusing on something entirely different. We often forget that we can allow things to be just as they are.

Being able to have things feel right and go in the right direction makes life not only easier but presents us the opportunity to overcome and accomplish more. The fascinating thing is when we are no longer a novice but a master at something the thought process seems to completely disappear. How can this be? Because you are in the state of flow in which you have trained for, for so long.

The State of Flow

Question For The Day

What can you already tell about your state of flow? Where do you enter it and where do you wish to accomplish it?

Most things come with time if I were to give you my honest opinion. We tend to think that we deserve the ultimate thing which is the easiest path, right away. This hardly happens but I suggest if you focus on life right now at this very moment, you will be able to pinpoint an area where your path is already easy. Really observe the tasks that are presented to you. Which of these paths is the easiest route for you? Are there things that are easy without much effort? Look at the bigger picture and you will be able to see from the optimal point of view.

There is also something you can do that will help you almost effortlessly. Pay attention to what you want to get better at. If you allow yourself to be humble and honest the only direction you may head is into improvement. There is in no way that you can avoid improvement if you are focused on it within the present moment. You can and will become better at things that once seemed hard with practice and effort.


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