Today’s Discussion: Determination Carries Consistency

Behind Consistency Is Determination

There are plenty of things that go on during everyday life. All the while, we are trying our best to carry ourselves throughout the circumstances that are already set up before us. Determination is hard to find and also a drive that is not necessarily the easiest to continue through with. But, if you can maintain determination then consistency will follower, each and every time. Determination carries consistency because that is the factor that will complete the cycle to moving forward into success.

The successful people of the world are not ones who wake up every day to just wing it. They are the ones who have a plan and steady hold on the agenda of what will follow. Remaining determined to stay on track and visualize how automatic things can be if they are planned out. I suggest you start today by taking things seriously. Serious enough that you write down in your notes what you think you’ll get accomplished today.

Remaining consistent throughout life will only back up the offers you make on behalf of yourself as a person and due only justice to your character. It’s not a matter of what your reputation looks as if but to what character you hold under all situation. Better to water your plants on a daily basis opposed to looking at the only once in a while. Tend to your leaves and prune as needed. Remember to look forward and not behind.

Determination Carries Consistency

Question For The Day

Are you brave enough to give yourself an agenda? Are there things that you can do to try and become a better version of yourself?

Start with a simple planner and a book that can tell you the things you must do. Use your phone to set reminders and allow AI to assist you in your adventure. As spooky as it seems we live in a world of convivence these day’s so why not take advantage of it. It could only help build the character in which you hold on to for yourself. And remember do not live this life for others but allow it to be a platform in which you may stand amongst others or alone.


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