Today’s Discussion: Consider It Done

Your Word Is Your Bond, Consider It Done

So many of us say things at times that can be taken as literal, including myself. You may know it or may not but people around you listen to what you say. You’ve heard me say it before, your word is your bond. If you haven’t then reread it again. Your word is your bond. When you say, “Consider it done.” You’re leaving the rest up to yourself. A commitment is a commitment, when you vouch for yourself don’t go back on what you say.

It could be extremely easy to say things within the heat of the moment. I’m guilty of it. Over extending my hand to those around me or even saying that I will help with something when in reality I just don’t have the time. We all make the mistake of saying we’ll go to the party without checking our calendar. It is easy to get lost in the mix of life which is where you need to pay close attention to your word. What you say is what you say then comes the action.

Don’t burn yourself out and never run yourself ragged. It’s not worth it. Be conscious of what you are doing within your daily life and remember it is your due diligence to complete the cycle you set yourself forth on. Remember that we are all going through our own trials and life. It is less that virtuous to leave someone with false expectations.

Consider It Done

Question For The Day

What can you do today to make sure that you get what you need to get done, done? Are there things you may have to put down to become more reliable?

Reliability is extremely important to the people around us. There is a reason we tend to certain task’s and commit ourselves to purposes around us. We just need to make sure that we can fulfil these things otherwise we are misleading those around us. How can we expect things from others if we can not meet our own expectations.


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