Story For The Day: Realization Then To Action

“The kitten who funs around the house jumping from chair to chair with elasticity. Being able to form herself into spots you couldn’t imagine she’d been able to get into. Funny enough but she can’t tell there’s glass in front of the door so she jumps into it. Multiple times. But, then we see something fascinating happen. These things don’t happen anymore. The process from realization then to action happens.

She starts roaming around more cautiously not in fear, but amazement. Seeing all the things that her mind had once told her were okay to do were actually dangerous. Realizing that jumping into a glass door not only hurts, it won’t stop happening if she doesn’t stop jumping at it! The curiosity is amazing to say the least.

As she grows she begins to form a solid understanding of what is going on around her. People wake up in the morning to feed her. She patiently waits by her food bowl before her human arrives. She’s out of water or the door is closed that is the entrance to her place of rest, she meows. Looking at the wonders of the world she begins to understand, her actions can change and so will the outcome.

A true testament that even animals can learn from the simplicity of changing one thing. Which in return show’s growth, intelligence and responses that change and form to the needs. Needless to say, she is now an old wise cat showing the rest of the pack how to get what they want from their humans.”

Realization Then Action

Actions Change When You Start To Harness Realization

There’s nothing better than taking a minute to note your own improvements. Awareness is key then continues with realization. The open-minded culture of being acceptable to the fact that you can truly change. Seeing through that with a moment of just observing the world and taking in formation could be revolutionary. For not only the self but also the world. When you better yourself as an individual things start to happen differently. The world reacts with obedience.

In no way is this an easy process. It starts with small simple steps such as backing up an assuming responsibility for your mistakes or even being able to see that there may be a short cut in the way that you do things. Efficiency beings in the forefront of the mind. One saying my mother has told me, “You get more bees with honey.” How do you treat people around you? Are you able to recognize when you’re acting out of character?

Harnessing the ability to really see yourself for who you are is an enlightening experience that will result in actions that you’ve never done before. Focusing on your ability to be able to act differently, not with ill intent but growth in mind.

Everything that we do changes the entire outcome of not only our day but life as a whole. With each approach to the plate we have the opportunity to present ourselves how ever we wish. Don’t be a switch hitter who is one person one day and then changes it up the next. Find consistency in your life and learn to be wise in your decisions. Proceed with caution and realize that the actions you take will determine the future.

Question For The Day

Where can you make a different decision today that will change the entire outcome of who you are? What actions are possible that will bring different results?

We have the opportunity to change things how we see fit. With a little bit of knowledge and wisdom we are given the ability to improve our lives one step at a time. Change first how you see the world and the rest will follow. The important part is remaining on track. Realize that not everything will go your way and assume responsibility for anything that follows.


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Written By: Will

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