Today’s Discussion: Building A Strong Foundation Within The Mind

Start With A Solid Understanding Of What The Mind Consist Of

The mind has many parts of it. Literally. When you dive into the biology of the human brain it’s almost fascinating to think that something so powerful could be developed. It makes you question the existence of a greater being. Also, it brings into the question, what understanding does it require to control some parts of the brain for the betterment of your own life. There’s a fluid “blob” floating around in our skull that weighs up to 3.5 pounds! So what does it take to building a strong foundation within the mind?

While the physicality and make up of the brain are truly an inspiration to look at in awe so are the points in which we can understand what is going on within. We have certain things called neurotransmitters that control things from mood, fight or flight to anxiety and sleep. With that being said I want to discuss one thing that may be controversial to some. There might be a way in which we can control these chemicals so that we have a better grip on our next moves.

With a deep understanding of eastern philosophy and religion I’m starting to wonder if some of the key points are aimed at literally controlling certain parts in the brain. Almost influencing the existence of certain chemicals and setting an environment that may promote a better existence, for you and the brain. Think of it this way so you can understand a little better. With ten minutes of meditation, Metta Meditation, you’re influencing the thought of love, happiness and gratitude to name a few. Does this harvest more chemical reaction and spark a new found interest?

Being able to promote healthy thoughts and positive affirmations I believe can promote better foundation. A better understanding. Even an even more solid grip on what we are all trying to do here. Be happy. Are the brain and mind two in one? I don’t think so but without the brain there is no mind so lets agree to disagree.

Building A Strong Foundation Within The Mind

Promoting Positivity Even When It’s Hard

So, with that being said this leads me into what this discussion is actually about. Building a strong foundation within the mind so that you can lead a happier life. If you tend the understanding what the mind consist of you can have a better grab on what you should do:

  • Walking through everyday life we can focus on looking at things from a happier stand point of view.
  • To have an optimistic view on things rather than walking about pessimistically.
  • Harness the ability to raise your awareness to a point where outside events do not control you.
  • Stop, think and observe what is going on so you may not only externally act accordingly but also internally act accordingly.

These are all recommendations. I’m not saying any of these things herein are true but give it a try. I firmly believe that if you try your best to remain positive the only outcome could be true.

Question For The Day

Do you have a well founded understanding of yourself and how it works? Are you able to connect the brain with your mind and body?

Being able to connect all of these independent parts into one package is difficult but can be done. Once you have a connection between mind, body and spirit your foundation is well on it’s way. There is a better understanding of self and what is in true control. While the challenge stands and it is something that needs continuous work because we can fall off quickly without paying attention. Try to understand what’s going on inside of the brain. With a focus on what the brain really does you’ll have a better understanding of self.


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