Today’s Discussion: Always Maintain The Upper Hand

What Does It Mean To Maintain The Upper Hand?

Throughout life we want to win, right? Well, that really shouldn’t be the main goal. With winning comes the opportunity and chance that you may do things that are out of a virtuous character. Always being able to maintain the upper hand has nothing to do with winning or having any sort of advantage. It simply means to remain in a state where you do not exit your character. When you allow yourself to continuously be yourself, there is nothing more to offer. Life is often confusing and unforgiving.

With each experience that we go through we are trumped with all kinds of situations in which we may not be able to handle, battles that we must conquer and obstacles that seem nearly impossible to surmount. Within each given moment we are offered the upper hand with one simple tool, not allowing the world to change who you are. At the core of each of us is the person that we are meant to be.

While facing the challenges through life if you allow external events to get in the way of what you see for yourself then they will win. I can say for sure that outside events can not impact your ability to remain within due bounds of your sense of what can and can not be accomplished. With each moment that we are offered to live, having the upper hand will mean that you are allowed to go where ever you want. When ever you want. Doing what is best for you.

Always Maintain The Upper Hand

The Only Thing We Have Control Over Is Ourselves

When we step outside of the bounds of realization that we do not control external events the real fun starts. Pressing forward because that is what we are suppose to do. Calmly approaching any moment with confidence but also assurance that if we do our best we have the upper hand. Never disguising the fact that we don’t really have a grab on much because what is there to really grab. Comfort is the only real thing we can hold on to when we are centered enough to be in the moment.

Centeredness and being able to ground yourself within reality. Remaining aware and observant to the world around you. Taking the required action so that you may conquer anything at will. Staying within the bounds of what is realistic and tangible because most things are unattainable. Not in a literal sense but with the idea that we can not capture the outside world. It can only capture us.

Don’t allow the world to convince you that there is some way to win the game of life. There’s no real way to win. You can only allow yourself to remain in that “zone” which we call “to be in tune with.” Placing the sole responsibility within your own hands “to be in tune with” what is going on so you may take advantage of what that is.

The way you remain with the upper hand is to allow yourself to walk freely throughout life. Without expectations but with the ability to remain in character.

Question For The Day

What do you have control over, if anything? Are there ways that you can remain within the zone of “in tune with?”

Being able to be in tune with the outer world is a struggle we all deal with. Being able to decipher what reality is trying to say and combating that with the voice within our mind. There is some truth to everything we tell ourselves but furthermore we can realize that not everything the mind says, is true. As I’ve said before we have this fascinating way of telling ourselves a story. A story to why we can not, should not or do not have the ability to do so.

Be in tune with what the world is trying to say. Feel that adrenaline of being within the bounds of what is accomplishable and tangible to you within reason. Be real with yourself so that you may be able to grow.


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