Today’s Discussion: Be Readily Available

When The Time Is Right Be Readily Available

We often set ourselves up with the intent on accomplishing things. Most of the time we even go to the extent of doing our best in hopes of being recognized. Where it becomes tricky is to be readily available when the time is right. Here’s the best part more often than not we end up getting the goals we wish to accomplish without noticing. Here’s the part that is even more mysterious, we turn down the opportunity.

When it comes to being able to handle life and to get what you want the door has to be wide open. We must be willing and understanding of our current circumstances and be sure not to take too much on at once. While opportunity is nice, if you aren’t fully committed or ready to do so why make the attempt at all? There has to be an established understanding of the responsibilities involved.

So, we’ve made it past the tough part. You’ve got all of your eggs in the same basket and are ready to move up to the next level. Upon request you realize, you’ve made a prior commitment. What do you do now? Well, here’s where the balance of life comes into play. Which commitment is more important and what will allow you to further your purpose. At times in life we must be willing to let things go in order to grow in other areas.

Now, you’ve finally made that new commitment, right? Well, here’s the fun part. You get to incorporate it into an already busy schedule and routine that you’ve built for yourself. This is where being readily available plays it’s most important roll. You must be able and ready to switch things around at a moments notice without losing what you’ve already obtained. Working out the kinks and twists within the rope you’ve created as a direct result of commitment.

Be Readily Available

Question For The Day

What goals have you not accomplished yet and are you ready to achieve them? Are there things in life that you would have to disregaurd?

So while being heavily integrated with what you are already doing would you be okay with giving things up to achieve higher goals? When it boils down to being able to handle what is already on your plate it could be easy once you’ve been established in what you are doing. But, if you consider yourself to be reaching higher there are points in life that may require reflection. When you do set goals you have not gotten there yet which means, you don’t know what it’s like to be under that goal.

Having been granted the opportunity to take on new things in life the ultimate result is that things have to change. You are going to now be able to reconstruct what you already have and be willing move thing around for them to be able to work. As you are given things they can also be taken away. Be readily available at a moments notice and have the courage to become who you are destined to be.


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