Today’s Story: Why Tell A Story?

“The paranoid emperor is always the one stricken by surprise. The one engulfed in the passions of life are the one’s to lose it all. The emotionally stricken with love are blind sided by the love that falls apart. Why tell a story, you may ask?

There was a young man who went by the name of Eranto. His life was lead in the circumference of being able to tell a grand story but never upholding his end of the deal. Offering an arm and a leg but not another leg to stand on. Highly valued when first approached but then never seen again.

Eranto had had this way of being able to tell himself a story. “I can handle it all and if I don’t so be it.” Trying to be in many places at once with not an arm to reach with. Slowly the faith in which had been put into him was dissolved into the midst of the air. Not being able to form a rightful understanding. Always wondering why he had never been able to make things happen at the tail end of the night.

Eranto’s stories became so well known to his heart that he believed them. Placed in the incompetence of panic and anxiety. Always running from the thoughts which he rightfully formed within his own mind. Needless to say, he had gone mad not because of the outside world but rather perhaps only because of the stories within his own mind. “

Why Tell A Story

It All Starts With A Story, But Why Tell One?

As humans we have this intellectual way of allowing ourselves to continuously tell ourselves a story. Why certain situations ended up the way they had or even being wrapped around the past for which it had formed. Always on the look out of having a reason for why things had gone the way they did. Rather than accepting responsibilities in any given moment and allowing them to pass. The heart felt motion that things may simply be as they are.

The brain never really turns off and that is a blessing and a curse. So, we must learn to conquer not only our own thoughts but partially understand that we have no control over them. However, with that being said, learning to understand where your thoughts come from are vital. If you allow the final ruling be within the mind without further examination you could potentially end up at the bottom of a rabbit hole. We know rabbit holes have no ending.

If we are constantly telling a story how can we accurately predict our emotions or even be able to handle situations we end up in. It’s like a battery operating at half capacity. Being tired from overthinking any given moment releases the energy that could be used to focus on more important circumstances.

Question For The Day

Where do you find yourself getting lost in daydreaming of a story you could tell yourself? Are you able to dissect the story and let it rest?

We often grab on to the stories we tell ourselves with such certainty that we often forget that there is another way. However hard it may be, we can not always be right. There’s no way in the world that we could ever assume that we’ve got it all figured out. We can find new ways to approach moments by understanding that we don’t always need to tell a story. Look at things from a fresh perspective and start digesting what is going on more thoroughly. This will open a door way that has been closed.

For me the beginning of this process started with a daily mediation. Being able to observe your thoughts from an objective view is almost revolutionary so that you may have a new understanding.


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Written By: Will

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