Today’s Discussion: The Mind Has A Way Of Working On It’s Own

The Mind Has A Way Of Working On It’s Own

The mind is such a mysteries being. There’s a constant sense of self that we possess but what does it really all mean. We can allow our mind to completely control our decisions and the process in which our day plays out. What most of us forget is that we can actually observe the mind to better direct our reactions. The mind has a way of working on it’s own when it is allowed to do so. Here’s where it gets tricky, if you don’t step in, the process it follows may not be consistent with how you would like to operate.

It’s a confusing matter to deal with and if you start to pay attention to your thoughts you’ll realize that not each one is particularly true. The mind has two sides to in, consciousness and unconsciousness. The unconscious side of our mind doesn’t really analyze a situation and make the best choices. It’s the more impulsive side to our being. By following the unconscious mind we could potentially head straight for danger. With dedication and mastery we can follow what the conscious mind believes and thinks. Of course, this takes time.

We should never allow our minds to venture into complete darkness. When there is no sign of intelligence the mess we can create will amass to something that may be unrepairable. If it be the idea of giving in to each impulse we have such as over-eating, using substances that aren’t so good or even being lazy and sloth. These are all desires of the unconscious mind. The conscious mind steps in and can determine what thought is right to follow and which may be disregarded.

Become Who You Are Not What You Are

We don’t have to jump on the bandwagon and go with each thought that we have. Try sitting back and observing what we are thinking. Train yourself to see what is and what is not. Master the concept of seeing everything for what it is then allow yourself to make a choice. You can allow the mind to play you like a fiddle or become determined in the skill of using your thoughts to portray the right actions.

Be one with the mind, in the essence of portraying yourself not through a lens but the portrait of what is. Simply being who you should be is a task that is simple to think yet so hard to do. The outside world may control you just as much as your thoughts can. It is up to you to become who you are not for the mind to decide on it’s own.

The Mind Has A Way Of Working On It's Own

Question For The Day

What do you do you think and are all of those thoughts correct? How do your emotions create your reactions?

Thoughts come and go so that you can decipher their true meaning. So do our emotions which will either play you or help you understand any given moment, that much better. Our thoughts are not entitled to be enacted out with each moment that passes. They are there to be observed and then later decided upon. Here’s the trick, put yourself in a position to where you can act or do nothing at all. When you are able to do this then you know you’ve got it down.

Life is like a game of chess. You do have to make a move but not immediately. You can observe what is around you and be able to make an intelligent and educated decision based on wisdom and knowledge.


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