Today’s Discussion: Resilience Is Built One Step At A Time

What Is Resilience?

The greatest warriors do not become warriors over night. The toughest boxers do not get in the ring and destroy while they are young and fragile. Even the endurance of some of the world’s thrill seekers, mounting the summit of Mount Everest had built resilience over an extended period of time. Resilience is built one step at a time. We can look at it from the eyes of a baby lamb who can not walk once she is born. It times almost 7 months for the fragile baby lamb to learn to walk on it’s own without the support of its mother.

Resilience is patience, failure and the ability to get back up and try again. Hypothetically speaking, if you have never encountered a failure I highly suggest you posses no resilience. While there seems to be some sort of notion that winning relates to the sense of fortitude, there is no pain to learn the adversity of life. What makes a strong human being is not just their successes but the ability to be able to look up and say, “Let me try this again until I get it right.”

Patience for the heart and soul. Failure to build a foundation worth working for. Having the strong mind and willingness to be humble enough to get back up and try again.

Resilience is built one step at a time

No Shame In Baby Steps

Learning to become who you are suppose to be through trial and error creates an environment for growth. Think of it like this, 1,000 acorns fall from the branch of a tree each year. Hardly one of these acorns actually roots itself into the earth. That one acorn that makes it is then required to not only plant itself into the ground but also last through the winter. Not only does it need to make it through the winter, it will take the acorn years to grow into a tree.

We plant our roots into the wisdom of life. We engrave our mind with the knowledge of the world but where does that lead us? Being able to use your wisdom and knowledge forges the body to move forward as if wearing armor leading up to a war. Without application there is no validation.

We do not and can not become anything over night. Anyone who say’s they’ve made huge accomplishments within a moments notice missed a huge portion of life’s teachings. Try to see the value in each step. Continue to learn when you do not want to. Face the challenges that you’ve put off. Where we see ourselves in ten years will drastically change.

Question For The Day

What could you do differently today to build resilience? How are you able to hold that stance and actually do it?

When you step out of the front door today present yourself with some sort of challenge. This might be a bit extreme but I’ve been taking showers without hot water. The past few weeks I’ve actually been under the assumption that I have no hot water. This isn’t really anything other than a simple test that I am presenting myself with. It’s helping to build resilience towards the possessions that I take for granted each day. Essentially it is a self taught method to appreciation.


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