Today’s Story: When The World Frowns, Smile Back

“Gathering my things was tough this time. Nothing seemed to be going right and to top it off we were losing everything. My father had always told me, “When the world frowns, smile back.” Looking around a bare and empty room there was nothing left but the coffee table that was broken and the trash bags we were throwing our clothes in. I forgot to mention, we were being evicted again. How could I smile? Where was the hope. As I was walking outside I saw a man sitting on the corner of the street he was bare, ragged and looked beaten and worn. I was frowning I could feel it. Then he had smiled at me. I smiled. How weird.

He looked up at me with curiosity, “What could be so wrong, Sir, that you don’t have the ambition to smile?” I was shocked in all honesty, I’ve seen this man everyday for the past year and he never said a word. “I can’t see the end of the gloomy day’s that approach my friend. Nothing seems to be going right and there is nothing but negativity left.”

I didn’t notice but he had walked up to me and his hand was on my shoulder. His kind heart had a vibration that I’ve never felt before, his presence was strong and his mind was working. The black beads for pupils he had were surrounded by an even darker brown around his iris. “When the world frowns, smile back, my friend. We are all humans in this dark world trying to make sense of what is to come. When you smile at the world, it will refuse to do anything but smile at you.”

He walked back over to his corner and kept steady with the smile on his face that had never given out once. I forgot to mention, I haven’t seen my father for over 20 years. But then I saw the back of this man’s hand. The scar from the ropes that had dragged my father away. The knife that cut his hand from an attempt at suicide. My smile had to of been touching my ears by now. “Dad, is that you.” The smile had never gone away, since that day.

When the world frowns smile back

The World Smiles Works In Mysterious Ways

I can’t simply define the world as any one thing but what I do know is that there is much at work, everyday. We tend to go about our day forgetting how fascinating the inner working of our universe really is. I would highly recommend that you never forget one fact, that is, if you smile at the world it will smile back. When we objectively look at the way things work, we can always find the bad in good situations. We can also find the entirety of the bad within the bad of all situation. However, what if we just stopped for a minute to realize one thing.

If I look at the world and the dark places it presents is there a way that we can turn this around? What if I brought a smile into a room full of frowns? Where there is an encounter with a gloomy situation, there is an inherent ability we all have as humans. We have the ability to literally change the entire moment with one thing. A smile. We literally posses the one thing that many creatures on our planet can not do. With one smile everything changes.

Hypothetically Speaking What Do You Mean?

Let us hypothetically say that we are in a situation where it seems like there is no hope. Just take it easy and realize for one, we have no control over the negativity. Two, we can bring light into the situation simply by smiling. Three, it is up to us to determine the outcome of every given moment. If we do our best to try and change the moment, at the end of the day we can walk away knowing that we’ve done our best.

It’s as if looking into the face of a child, full of emotion. Children have a funny way of captivating our eyes and making us wonder what’s going on inside that little mind. Generally speaking if we were to smile at a child, they will smile back. Why? Think about this one for a moment and try to understand what makes a baby smile. Is it the fact that we receive a smile in such a positive way to where we automatically smile or is there something stronger at work here. Are there counterparts of a vibration we maybe don’t understand or even an energy that we put out that we maybe do not get.

A smile has something about it that is mysterious yet comforting. We can all use a little more smile in our daily life. If it be walking down the road and smiling at a stranger. Rather try to take a moment and smile at someone you know is going through a hardship. It is our duty as humans to help each other.

Smile at the world

Question For The Day

What can you do today to brighten up the world? Is there an opportunity to bring more positivity into your enviroment?

Think of it this way because if you can not then you may find it hard to obtain happiness. If you are able to bring light so that the darkness can not pour through then the quality of your life will be greater. If we observe misery what actions can we take to remove it from the world around us. There are many ways we can present good to evil so we may introduce a new way of thinking.


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Written By: Will

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