Today’s Discussion: Is It Time To Panic?

When Is it Time To Panic?

So when you really want to investigate life, we realize that in all honesty, we receive more obstacles and trials rather than good situation. With this can come some uncertainty and panic which to me seems completely normal. However, think about it for a second, when should you really panic over anything? Is it time to panic? Panicking brings about a feeling of uncertainty or even the result can be becoming afraid. If it be the test that you have to take this week or even relating to a hot date you have later on in the day.

When the feeling of being nervous settles in it’s often something that is extremely difficult to shake and can potentially result in making some rather huge mistakes. When the body enters a state where it is hard to control things are certain to end up where they shouldn’t be. We’ve heard the expression, “Turning mole hill’s into mountains.” Right? That’s exactly what panic does most of the time. Turn this small problem into a huge thing that can turn your day into a smooth sail into a rocky beach.

In my eyes, there is no true time to really panic. The result of a panic is more detrimental to any situation opposed to being able to help in any sort of way. Being able to get worked up is counter productive and over-produces thoughts that are not helpful in any sort of way. So the quick answer if you don’t want to read this entire writing, there is no time to panic.

Is It Time To Panic

So What Do We Do Instead?

Let’s come up with a quick remedy to this problem, we all deal with. One pointer I have is something that I’ve learned along my journey through life. Stop and breathe. Mindful meditation has taught me that we don’t always have to react immediately. If we know the signs of our body becoming stressed, there is that choice to stop and breathe. Take a moment to gather your thoughts, analyze the situation and become familiar with what you are feeling.

Also, there are other things we can do. Think. Really observe your thoughts and try to understand why you are feeling the way that you are feeling. What is the root cause of the tense moment because if you can figure this out we might even come to the conclusion, it’s being over produced in the brain. To repeat the same thought over and over again almost obsessing over the idea. This is one of the unhealthiest things that you can put yourself through because it halts any improvement. It exaggerates the entire obstacle.

Here’s another pointer, be real with yourself. Don’t try to sugar coat life and all of it’s working. One thing we have to stop and realize, not everything will be a walk in the park. The sad truth and reality to it is that we will always be bumping into issues because that’s just the way life is. Nothing will really be all that easy. Did you see x situation coming? Was this current moment inevitable? These are all things that must be answered with humility. It will help the body and mind understand to why what is going on, is going on.

Question For The Day

Where do you notice yourself panicking in life? Are there times that you should have more control over yourself?

Don’t ever forget that you have full control over what you do and how you do it. There is in no reason you should ever release yourself to these moments in life. Not to a point of where you lose total control over your decision making process or even allow outside events to persuade you into something you’d rather have never done. Allow your decision making process to be uninfluenced and calculated to what you see fit, for yourself.


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