Your life, Your choice, Your power

Your life is how you make it. Where you are right now is because of the choices you have previously made. Yes, other people would have intervened in your life and those people can have an impact because they are what is going to cause you to make a choice. However, where you are is no one’s fault other than yours, how you respond in different situations is going to develop your personality as much as your course in life. 

Your Life

The Choice of Relationship Matters

If you’re in a bad relationship you have the choice to get out. If your relationships keep failing, why do they keep failing. You need to first look at the choices you’ve made in partners. Do you have an equal and balanced relationship or are you communicating properly? You should look at the “why” they keep failing, not the fact that they are. This gives you the opportunity to examine why you’re not moving further along on the path to a healthy relationship.

The Power Over Money Makes A Difference

Money is definitely a common and relatable complaint. Generally people don’t like where they are financially in their life. If you don’t think you have enough money, the options are endless in ways to obtain more. It’s within the very fabric of your power to get out there and find out ways to make more. You can ask for a raise and make more money where you work, you can try to get more hours to make more money where you’re working,  or even can get a better job.

There’s even the option to get a second job. Regardless of the income amount you should always look at your budget and make sure that you’re putting enough money aside to do the things you want to do and pay all of your bills. If you don’t have enough money to pay your bills then maybe you need to look a little more closely at where that money is going. Looking at things like your wants and your needs while adjusting your budget. 

Always prioritize the needs over the wants or else you wont have either. I knew this group of people that decided they wanted to be in an apartment together. There are about four or five of them sharing this apartment but they couldn’t come together to pay all of their bills. But they did always scrounge up enough to pay their cable. The next month came around and not only was the power shut, they also prioritized cable over their rent again and this time received an eviction notice.

Your Life, Your Choice, Your Power

Give It A Thought

What is the point of having cable if you don’t have power or even a house to watch it in? They prioritized a want over a need and ended up losing both. Is your cable more important than your house? Is a night out eating more important than paying the gas bill? These situations are fully under your control. 

What about situations like getting laid off losing your job? Those are situations that sometimes you just don’t have control over, for instance if the company you are working with is doing bad financially and you’re low on the seniority list. Or maybe you did actually do something that got you fired. 

Losing your job can be a really big step back in life but it can also be a step forward if used as an opportunity to find a better one. How long are you going to sit there on unemployment? You’re eventually going to need to get a job to pay your bills and right now is a perfect time to take a look and maybe adjust your budget. If done right, this will help save more and get to your goals faster. 

Budgeting your money is like going on a diet, if you cut out the things you love completely, you will loose your mindset to keep going and ultimately fail. Factor in a certain amount in your budget for play money and keep it separate from your savings. Don’t touch your savings, and if you start making more money over time don’t adjust your budget. You leave your budget where it is no matter your income, Then the more you make, the more you save and the quicker you will get to your goals. 

This Is Your Life, Be Who You Want To Be

Being who you want to be is going to be your choice and no one else’s. If your choices are not bringing you to where you want to be, then start making new ones to correct your path. Analyze your life and figure out why things are not going the way you want them to. If you are going to start saying that it was someone else’s fault, ask yourself, “why is it that person’s fault? How did they get in the position to make such a big impact on your life?” No one should have more control over your life than you.You can ask for help or even ask for advice but it is your choice to take it or not. 

So before you start complaining that the world is out to get you and nothing is going your way sit down and think about the what’s the why and the how. What is not working? Why is it not working? How do I get it to work?


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Written By: Shannon

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