Today’s Discussion: Is It Okay To Make Demands?

Is Demanding Ever Acceptable?

I’ve been exploring the idea of making demands, in a general statement, really exploring the idea. Trying to become familiar with the sense of what a demand is and how to propose one. I’ve come to the conclusion that demands could be healthy at times but also very off-putting. The course of a demand is determined by the process in which it is proposed. So we have the question, is it okay to make demands?

Now take a journey with me down the road of making requests. First, we must look at the request at hand to see if it has a ground to stand on. Through pretty close observation of the world around us today, if you adventure onto social media we meet many forms of demands. Either and opiniated stance that is proposed as an original idea that has requirements or an expression that is suppose to be taken as factual. Let’s set the record straight, demanding something that is just an idea is never acceptable.

Put Some Thought Into Your Demand

When a demand does become acceptable, is when you start to look at them objectively. Is the demand backed up by evidence or just a feeling? When we allow our emotions and feelings to get in the way of an objective they often off-set us onto a path that is more negative than positive. When we’re looking for affirmation that we are doing well, who is to say that we are deserving of a congratulations. However good it may feel, sometimes the world can not offer you what you demand in a moments notice.

Where a demand starts to become applicable is in the form of respect. If you are demanding respect by backing yourself up with facts and a firm way of thinking then it has a ground to stand on. Requiring others to jump through hoops just because it’s something you feel like doing, is out right wrong. Demanding better pay at a job because you know you’ve put the work in, whole-heartily, I see nothing wrong with it.

Is It Okay To Make Demands

What If Your Demands Are Not Met?

Now, let us adventure into a realm where demands are not met. If a specific request is unaided and you are unable to get what you want, propose a question. Is the demand reasonable? If said demand is, then what do you do next?

Look at it this way, maybe the position that you are in may not be right for you. Or, from an objective stand point there may simply be another path you were suppose to be set on. For the reality of it, there is no set path that any one of us is set forth on that is truly deserving. We must hold ourselves accountable and work hard for the things that we want in life. You can not walk around feeling as if you are already owed something without putting in the work.

Question For The Day

What do you demand out of life? Are these demands reasonable or are they something that you feel you deserve?

Listen, we all deserve to live a happy life I’ll be the first one to propose the idea. But, if you were to tell me that we are individually owed anything, I would contradict the statement. As a whole none of the world be owed anything. There is nothing that the universe will not set you up with, that you can not handle. However, because that’s the case I personally feel the universe will also not hand you things that you can not handle. We do not operate on a one way street.


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