Today’s Discussion: Emotions Tend To Play Off Of Each Other

Where There Are Emotions, They Bounce Off One Another

Sit for a firm second and think about it. One emotion can lead to another, then another and before you know it you are either sad, angry or manic. At first you might think you’re just in your head for a second, then before you know it you’re shouting at someone or on your way to make a decision that was never well thought out. The human mind has a funny way of making you believe things before there is any affirmation. Critical thinking is required to combat emotions. Emotions tend to play off of each other and can lead to some very poor decisions. On the contrary, they can also lead to some of the best choices you’ll ever make in your life.

The field of emotion has such a broad sense, it’s something that we can not entirely cover over one session or one writing but, we can develop a brief understanding. When an emotion arises within the mind it’s nothing to fret about. Don’t consider it something to push or pull on, simply observe where the course of action is being taken. Remember, you don’t have to act upon each emotion.

Emotions Tend To Play Off Of Each Other

Where Negative Emotion Destroy

Consider the death of a loved one, while being a recovering addict. These emotions will start with sadness, run through to anger and ultimately become depression. What does an addict do when they are depress? They revert to their drug of choice or habit of choice. Being an addict is not solely based on drugs, it may consist of overeating, risky behavior or even crawling into a space where you sever all connection with the outside world. This is obviously an extreme example, but it’s hard to miss the point if you can resonate.

These negative emotions have very drastic consequences once they are followed through on and allowed to bring you into entering a state of desire. They can also be detrimental to your success, what you have going on in life and even impact the relationships that you have developed. There’s no easy answer to fighting these emotions off but rather to prepare for them and observe them. We know they’re coming, it’s just a matter of when.

My whole point here is that you can easily carry yourself into a rabbit hole starting with just one negative emotion and eventually carry yourself down down a path you may have never envisioned.

Where Positive Emotions Thrive

Now, let us consider positive emotions. They can create an environment where you thrive if you allow yourself to gravitate towards them. With positive emotions we gain the ability to think clearly while also operating at a higher vibration. Your emotions tend to play off of each other, no matter the concept of positive or negative.

Positive emotions tend to be less stressful on the mind and actually allow if to become somewhat of an easier place to be in. Happiness strikes us to do better, to become better. Excitement may draw you closer to achieving your goals or push you to accomplish things otherwise, you would have disregarded.

Think for a minute, your boss approaches you at work. Tells you that you are doing great and your numbers are slowly rising on the sales floor. The first thing to cross your mind would either be happiness or excitement, a feeling of accomplishment. By continuing forward with this mind set you can literally use this emotion as a driving factor to create the same scenario again by remembering how you’ve gained this recognition.

Question For The Day

Where are you negative emotions negatively impacting your life? Are you able to use your positive emotions to gain an upper hand?

Pay close attention to how your mind reacts to different areas of life today. When encountering certain individuals or achieving goals, how does it actually make you feel. Are you able to latch on to these moments to use them for your benefit? By allowing positive emotions to flow, anything is possible. With the negative emotions conquering the mind, many things may be destroyed.


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Written By: Will

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