Today’s Story: Can You Ward Off Anger?

“Think of the flow of water, flowing in the path of least resistance. Or even the flow of a ravaging fire destroying everything in it’s path. How about the anger that flows red, to the face when negative emotions and actions are confronted. Can you ward off this anger?

Peering over the hedge within our backyard off into the midst of our neighbors land so that we can see outside of our own extent. Realizing that the outside word is in constant motion. Almost like the water, following the cracks and crevices of the stone waterfall back in the little village where Grandma lives. Coming up with the results of how the wild fires out west take everything in their path and eliminate them. The destruction is savage.

This could also be the anger I felt this morning when I had felt the wrong doing of the guy I barely knew, in line waiting for my coffee. He had cut in front of me so that I was ten minutes late! How dare he! Yet did I not know, his wife was in the hospital dying. Slowly, waiting to potentially say her last good-bye.

Here I am with a red face because I had a lack of understanding to this man’s current situation. In this very chaotic moment, or the moment in which I thought was chaos, was a truly heart breaking moment for someone that I had never met. Yet, if he were to have stopped an explained, it would have all made sense. He was just trying to see his wife just in time for her to say good-bye.”

Can You Ward Off Anger

Anger Is Never a Positive Approach

With a little understanding we can almost see why, from the story above, how anger can potentially mislead us. And, most of the time it does. While we can use anger to drive us what if we took another approach, one that was more subtle and harmonious. It can be compared to the old saying that I know we all know. “Is the glass half full, or half empty?” I’d be inclined to say when we allow anger to arise, it’s already half empty.

Warding off anger can be comparable to an accomplishment. This means that when you do successfully ward off anger and approach any engagement from a clear minded view we can congratulate ourselves. How do we get there? There are many ways such as, taking a moment to breathe or, counting to ten and then back down to one. Really dissolving the issue or task at hand so that it does not completely overcome your being. Taking a hard look at what is truly going on.

We can avoid anger by most importantly, not jumping the gun and assuming that we know what is going on before we actually do. This I feel is one of the easiest ways to get angry. Thinking that you know what you know, before you actually know it. It creates turmoil, mistrust and even a sense of abandonment. Walls start to be constructed that were never needed and some how we end up locking ourselves up in a fortress for no reason.

When things like this happen it is almost impossible to back track and reenact the moment that we were angry within. Once any event is handled in an angry moment we can never take it back. So I propose to you, think before you act.

Question For The Day

How can you make an attempt at controlling your anger and not allowing it to overcome you? Is there a way you in which you can tell that you are getting angry?

There are plenty of telltale signs that anger is about to arise. Most of these are emotional triggers that no one can see. My face tends to get red and with that, I can physically feel my anger arise. When these process start to begin it’s either time to act or allow the moment to overcome my entire self. This goes along with you, as well. Try to figure out what signs show before the anger comes out. Then, it is up to us to be prevent in any form we know how. One tip to ward off anger I have to offer is to step back and observe what you are going through.

Acknowledging the anger is a good first step to overcoming it as a whole. Treat your anger with care and soon you will find out that you are not as angry as you had once thought. There is a remedy and solution when the time is right, you will understand. Take it slow and observe yourself. Be one with what is going inside of your mind, body and spirit. Reconstruct your belief on anger and realize, it is completely unnecessary is confronting life’s problems.


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Written By: Will

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