Today’s Discussion: Find Your Zen Mode

It’s Not Selfish To Take A Moment For Yourself

Some people have this misconception of the idea of being alone for a moment as being selfish. Yes, locking yourself away in your home for days, weeks or even months is selfish. But, with that being said, taking 30 minutes to yourself each day is far from being selfish. It’s not selfish to take a moment for yourself being able to find your Zen mode. It creates an environment where you come back, being more selfless than selfish. When it comes to self-care and being able to see yourself in a lighter moment things can be monumental is progress towards success. Take for example a morning meditation where you say, “Look, leave me alone for 30-40 minutes so I won’t be interrupted and be able to gather my thoughts.”

How this could be the healthiest choice you make which will inevitably change your life forever. The improvement in your life is so simple yet hard to do. You can tend to yourself by taking time to go to the gym, take a nice hike or even to just sit on the back porch undisturbed for an extended period of time. Wherever your Zen mode is activated, you should be visiting regularly.

The Zen mode is hard to find and a difficult task to keep a hold of but can be achieved with continuous success if you are able to be patient. Remaining mindful and aware of your current situation as far as the mind goes is step number one. Becoming one with yourself and really entering a copasetic state where you are just being and not moving. Closely paying attention to what is going on inside of you and outside of you simultaneously while processing it all from an observatory stand point of view.

Find Your Zen Mode

A Moment of Silence is Worth a Thousand Words Spoken While In Zen Mode

Find that place where silence is the answer. Remain in a state where you can gather what you are seeing, hearing and observing. The world is full of noise, chaos and movement. Being able to categorize this in ones mind is vital. Processing all that is going on without having to push or pull too hard on what is present.

Have it within oneself to be aware so that you can let go of yourself. Breathe in and out realizing that the breathe is part of your existence. Part of your being. Something that can not be lost and if it is, you are gone with it. You have the power to remain in this present moment.

Question For The Day

Are you able to remain present in the current moment, finding your Zen mode? With enough practice can you see yourself doing something for your self?

There’s nothing wrong with being able to find a moment of peace within a world of chaos. Nothing is easy at first and that goes along side with finding your Zen mode. The Zen mode could take weeks or even months to discover. I’ve heard stories of it taking years. I can tell you one thing once you find it, don’t let go. Practice makes perfect in any sport, hobby or cycle of life. Where can you practice in hopes of finding your Self?


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Written By: Will

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