Today’s Story: Set A Big Vision Get Big Results

“The valley looks beautiful from here. It took us three days to make the hike but it was all worth the while. Each moment the suspension built as we knew the time was coming to get to the peak. It was the buzz of all local towns and no one could stop talking about the view. I had a vision of it and it was a massive one. Set a big vision and get big results they said, I could feel the anxiety building in my chest.

So we had finally made it. After three long days. We were here and the view. I can’t begin to describe the view. The joy in all of us mixed with the excitement of being able to sit and be. The optimistic view we had the entire time, let me tell you, it was worth it. Watching as wild life unfolded in front of our very eyes.

There we bald eagles, hawks and crow flying in circles around bare spots in the midst of the woods. I haven’t told you yet, the trees. Well the trees looked as if they were small props on display in a museum. I get giddy thinking about it, I could’ve picked one right up with the tips of my finger is mother nature would allow. Let’s not forget the drop though. If you were to look down the peak adrenaline was the only feeling left. Don’t fall they said and to be careful.

Lone behold the results were worth it. We set our goal high and made it with many regret’s along the way. We kept a hold of our vision though. It was the peak of a valley not many risked adventuring to see. A story I’ll never forget for I have experience the beauty of mother nature at her finest.

Set A Big Vision Get Big Results

You Can’t Go Wrong Aiming Too High

When you’re going to take a good shot, you can never go wrong with aiming too high. Make it a point to be able to give it your best and allow yourself to begin with looking for a spot to point. There’s nothing wrong with having a vision. No vision is too big. We’re all allowed to look for the best in life. You should never stop at any cost to get what you want.

There’s no point in being the one who loses because you set yourself short. Allow the world to show you your worth because if you don’t no one will. So, let’s start with the valid point that you are worth it. As long as you tell yourself that you are worth it you can begin to see the value. The value in life so you can achieve. The cost in which you set your mind to something and see the results so you can prosper. The tangible sense of success by feeling your own concepts because you were able to gain them.

Question For The Day

Do you allow yourself to have any vision you see? Are you able to focus hard enough and long enough to get what you want?

Patience is key here. Being able to see your vision and to aim high is sometimes the easy part, for some. You will also need to be able to keep yourself in line by focusing on this point for extended periods of time. Do not be discouraged or let down because if you allow these emotions in you will fall short of where you need to go. Be able to hold on to your vision because it will determine who you become.


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