Today’s Discussion: Ego Can Make You Or Break You

You Decide, Ego Can Make You Or Break You

So, I got to thinking the other day. There are tons of negative aspects to ego. The ego can take over your mind and have you feel that you’re better than, for example. It can only override your subconscious mind and lead you to believe that you have total control over any and all situations. It can even help determine how you treat other people. I got to the assumption that ego can make you or break you.

Let’s start off with explaining what the ego is. There are broad examples of what it is truly defined so I will present you my sense of what ego is. The force behind where your sense of self, personality and reality collide. Take it as the cross street where three roads meet, without a stop sign.

The sense of self is in essence, selfless. There is no real self at the core of our being. It is a feeling that we get when we decide what to believe in and where to go. Your personality are categories that you label yourself with and continue to believe until you either change something in your life or begin to make different evaluations of who you are. Reality, well, need I say more? Reality is the world in which we project our mind off of. The world around us and how we perceive it is in fact, reality. The real world is a different thing.

Our thinking strategies directly influence our ego and decide what type of person we can become and how we tend to interact with the world around us. The ego is a powerful substance that when put into line can instill a sense of gratitude for our mind and how it thinks. Hear me out, what if the ego is just that force that either drives us, motivates us and could even potentially harm us. Ego is yours to decide.

Ego Can Make You Or Break You

The Ego Has It’s Established Position

Your ego tends to never really move on it’s own. It is up to us, individually, to push it to the side or support it based on our belief system. The ego could help tremendously when it comes to helping yourself and others. But on the contrary it could also potentially ruin what you have set in front of you. The idea I’m expressing here is to keep your ego in check.

Evaluate what your ego tells you and where it influences your mind the most. Does it thrive on putting other’s down or does it grow with lending a helping hand? There’s a huge difference in the force behind what the ego intends to do. You can actually have ego while being selfless in the same moment. Ego to me is a stationary being that is actually dictated by our own doing but has the power to run self if you allow it to do so.

No matter the light you put on it, most of the time ego does make a negative impact. But, using the right vibration and energy you can tell your ego to either step back or to even change it’s perception.

Question For The Day

What does your ego tell you, that is not true? Are there false beliefs in your values that you try to stay away from?

Here’s the tricky part. Defining when it is actually the ego influencing your decisions or actually you. Are you acting in deceit or with full intentions on receiving nothing in return? These are serious questions that must be discussed one on one with yourself on a regular basis. No, I’m not saying have full out conversations with yourself in the mirror. I’d suggest you see a psychiatrist at that point. But, you do have the right to either tell yourself no or define what your actual belief system is.


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