Today’s Discussion: Do Your Possessions Define You?

Seriously Though, Do Your Possessions Define You?

So, the other day I got into a heated debate with one of my close friends. He insisted that pulling up in a nice car meant that you were successful. To me the idea is ludicrous. But how do you feel about this question, do your possessions define you?

When I was young and being taught by one of my mentors he told me something that I never forgot. This guy was a car salesman and one of the most intelligent men I’ve ever met. He told me, “Will, if you want to be successful in the business of retail, you NEVER prequalify your customer.” This got the wheel’s spinning in my head. Why? How can you not prequalify someone who just doesn’t look fit?!

Then he went on, “You see that guy over there?” The man was in an old pair of beat up sneakers, sweatpants and an old minivan that looked like his kids hit it with a baseball bat the entire summer. “That guy is worth millions, I just sold him a $100,000 car last week.”

That was enough for me to know, looks aren’t everything. Now, if you keep up with Tangible Triumph and myself particularly, you might’ve heard me say something. You look good, you feel good and then you do good! Let’s not say this is contradictory because, it’s not. Looking good and feeling good are essential to your own success. But, on the contrary if you don’t have to go out looking in tip top shape and just want to be comfortable for a day, does that discredit your past accomplishments?

Prequalifying Sets You Up To Fail

Never judge a book by it’s cover. Seriously. When you start looking at things objectively and put a label on it it’s bad for your health. Not only that but you could miss the opportunity to either learn something, gain some wisdom or even end up in a position you never thought possible. Not everyone is the same.

Let’s put the shoe on the other foot for a minute here. If you were to run out of the house quick and realize you forgot your wallet at home, right? You get to the counter and fill up on gas before you pay. Realizing at that very moment your wallet is at home you try explaining to the cashier that you don’t have the money but you’ll be right back. To your surprise, the cops are already there. In the background you hear the cashier talking to the police saying, “This bum ran up in here, got some gas and tried to skip town without paying me. Look at him! He’s got sandals on, ripped sweatpants and his hair looks overgrown and terrible.”

I bet you can already imagine how it’d feel hearing those words come out of another humans mouth, about you. It’s shameful, hurtful and even can instill a bit of self-guilt. The world isn’t what it seems. That’s for sure.

Do Your Possessions Define You

Let’s Get To The Point

With all of that being said, just hear me out for a second. Slow your roll before you think money, fame and clout will get you all of these things you desire. It won’t. The nice car, big house and even fancy clothes mean nothing. There’s no success in possessions. To me, success is internal and ought to be something prized when obtained. In no way is there any reason to believe that the guy with a nice car is more successful than you. He’s also most likely $50k more in debt than you. Is that defined as success?

Get out there and never be ashamed of what you do, or do not have. It doesn’t define you and never will. Those who look down on you because you may not have something are in a position to judge because of their own negative thoughts. Please, if you’re going to read this article understand one thing, what you have doesn’t make you who you are.

Question For The Day

Do you define yourself by what you know or what you have? Are you able to gauge your success by material or growth?

These are two very different mindsets. They can both be equivalent under the right circumstances but most of the time material does NOT define success. In no way does a fancy watch say that you are further along the road than I am. Reflect on what success means to you today.


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Written By: Will

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