Today’s Discussion: I Want It Now

Slow Down and Smell The Roses

It’s hard to admit but we all know it. Within the society we live in today, everyone want’s everything, right now. This mind set is such a setback when you look at it from the perspective of how much time we actually have left. I want it now. I hear it all the time. The lack of instant gratification almost influences the assumption that we’ve been wrongly done. You can almost assume that thing will never go right, if you don’t get what you want, in this very moment.

This pattern of thinking is extremely negative and will result in the lack of success. With that being said, you should want better things for yourself and to even progress immediately. But, hear me out, you can not get everything you want within a moments notice. It’s impossible.

This thought had come to me through a mindful meditation practice I do in the morning. I sit for ten minutes and remain silent. Focusing solely on the breathe and observing all that is around. Each thought that passed was about something I either needed to accomplish or had to do at that very moment. They were even things that I would not have the chance to do for another few hours. How can that be?

I Want It Now

Remove The Unneeded Stress By Not Saying I Want It Now

While being so hyper focused on what we want now there could be a split between reality and what is. You’ll completely remove yourself from the environment that you are currently living in. Projecting into the future wishing for something that might not even be possible to obtain. Ever. You could take this statement literal or for what it is. You get what you deserve in due time with hard work and dedication not because it is rightfully yours.

Trust me, I’m not telling you to stop being a go-getter or even to halt attempts at the greatness you deserve. Just observe how you are approaching the current moment. Are you grateful for what you have in front of you? Better yet are you willing to take on something even better, realizing that it is a gift and not some object that is for you to take.

Question For The Day

Think for a moment about what you are doing with your everyday life and ask yourself, “Am I getting what I need to get done, so that I can have what I want?”

We are all individually owed nothing. Period. So, with all that we can work towards take a moment to realize that it is a blessing. Each moment that we get to experience is another minute we can truly live. Appreciating the gift that we’ve been given and opportunity that we’ve been presented. Be in the now for that will help create the future you wish to obtain.


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Written By: Will

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